Helping The Homeless

Gleaning For The World delivers more than 100,000 blankets to homeless individuals every year. These blankets provide warmth and comfort for those who are fighting for their very survival. Many on the streets face horrible situations every day, including freezing temperatures, violence, sexual assault and theft. These simple, low-cost blankets provide a comfort to those who have no hope.

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Change a Woman's Life

Around the developing world, women cannot go to school, work or church and are forced from society for twelve weeks every year. Why? It is because they lack proper feminine hygiene products. We have a solution! WINGS kits last three years to allow women to rejoin society when they are on their on her cycle. With each kit lasting three years, it gives women nine extra months of income, education and freedom. Sponsor a young woman for just $15.

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Employment Training

In developing countries, women lack access to education and job training. We are providing all the supplies needed to teach and create our WINGS kits in developing countries. Not only do they get the extra time at work and school because they receive feminine hygiene kits, but they learn a marketable skill. You can help a woman get job training to empower her to have a better future.

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Refugee Food Crisis

Syrian women and children are escaping the violence that is destroying their country. The camps are running low on supplies. They need food and water. We need your help to alleviate suffering. One shipping container will provide enough food for thousands to eat for weeks. Help us get an entire shipping container full of food.

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Teddy Bear Brigade

Around the world, children suffer. The emotional pain that comes with fear, malnutrition and starvation may never heal. When a child receives a stuffed animal (along with the food, water and medical supplies), they also receive a friend. This is a friend that they can express their fear and anxiety to. These soft toys alleviate suffering by giving children an outlet to cope with emotional pain.

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Stocking Food Banks

Several times through-out the year we receive truck loads of fresh produce. In 2013, we gave 171,000 pounds of fresh produce to food banks and pantries. This year is on pace to surpass that number! Help us stock food banks with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

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Help Developing Countries' Hospitals

Reusing contaminated medical supplies (i.e. needles, surgical gowns) is a medical necessity in developing worlds.  The lack of access to proper medical tools and resources mean increased infections and diseases.  With pathogens like HIV and Ebola on the rise access to clean and disposable medical supplies is key to preventing pandemic spreads. 

Help provide clean medical supplies to hospitals in developing countries.

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Give a child a pair of shoes

In developing countries, children are unable to get even basic protection for their feet.  Minor injuries, common infections and painful and often lethal parasites come in through the foot.  The simple wearing of a pair of durable shoes gives a child an incredible opportunity in life. 

$5 = 5 children with a brand new pair of shoes.

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Are You Prepared?

Natural disasters hit everywhere in the United States.

Are you prepared for when a disaster hits?  Natural disasters can impact anywhere in the United States.  There is no avoiding it.  The best option is to be ready now to respond when it happens.  Be sure to have all the information you need to respond when a disaster strikes.


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