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Gleaning For The World is actively responding to the crisis in Nepal.  The earthquake has killed over 4,400 people.  We are getting food and water to the survivors.  You can read more about our ongoing efforts by clicking here.

Click Here To Read More About Our Efforts in Nepal

The Most Versatile Charity In America

Homeless Relief

Bringing relief and helping homeless men, women and children lift themselves back into society.

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Why Help A Girl?

$15 is all it takes to change her life forever

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Give a Stuffed Animal

to a child in need.

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Bringing Help To Our Community

There are tens of thousands of children in Central Virginia hungry.

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Our Continued Pledge To You, Our Donors


100% operational and financial transparency


100% of supplies donated reach those in need.


98% of financial donations go directly to help those in need.


100% of our partnerships meet GFTW standards.

GFTW ranked "The Most Efficient Large Charity in The United States"

Gleaning For The World has been consistently ranked the number one “Most Efficient Large Charity in America” by Forbes Magazine. It is a ranking of which our staff is very proud. We make sure that our donors’ support is put to the best use by using over 98% of our donations toward designated programs.

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More than 200 charities were evaluated in Forbes‘ annual study, including World Vision, the American Red Cross, Campus Crusade for Christ, Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society. Gleaning For The World received the 100% efficiency rating in charitable commitment and fundraising efficiency.

When donations come in, our staff and volunteers sort and process everything. We ensure that the items we supply are organized, in date, and needed by receiving groups. We are logistical experts and we offer the maximum possible relief with the least waste – earning us the reputation as America’s Most Efficient Large Charity.

Your Donation


Your Impact


We utilize corporate donations.  From food to medical supplies, companies donate their surplus to Gleaning For The World.  What does this mean for you?  When you donate to Gleaning For The World, we multiply your donation by 100.  How?

Example:  Donated medical supplies arrive at our warehouse.  We take the conservative, mean estimate of the value the product.  In this instance, one shipment of medical supplies is valued at $350,000.  We are able to sort and process that shipment, then provide it to a hospital in Central America at $3,500.  They do not pay for the products.  We can provide supplies at 1% of the value of the product.  Therefore, for $1 donated we can provide $100 worth of relief.