Gleaning For The World began as a small supplier of clothing and other items to local organizations working with the homeless. From our first day, we have been involved in helping groups in the U.S. provide for the needs of Americans living in poverty.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast of the United States in 2005, GFTW became actively involved in domestic disaster relief. Within the first 60 days after the hurricane wreaked its havoc, GFTW placed 56 tractor-trailer loads of supplies in the Gulf states. After this initial surge of supplies, we continued to seek ways to help. As houses began to be rebuilt, GFTW worked with The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort to place 122 tractor-trailer loads of new furniture in the Gulf region. This furniture made it possible for 3,000 families to return to their homes and begin new lives.

Pre-Positioning Supplies
The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina caused us to examine ways GFTW can work proactively to ensure that supplies will be available within hours of a natural disaster. As a result, we have worked with various agencies and organizations to pre-position food, water, cleaning supplies and blankets in strategic locations in Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Kansas and Missouri.

Be prepared!

For information on emergency safety measures and preparing a survival back pack for yourself or your family,  click here. (PDF | 300kb)