Helping Our Neighbors












The mixture of a high unemployment rate, inflation and a fledgling economy has significantly affected families across Central Virginia. There are thousands of families in our community who need food assistance.

In partnership with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and other agencies, Gleaning For The World has reached our goal of supplying one million pounds of food to Central Virginia in one year. This donation is one of the largest in Virginia history, and we are grateful for all the help we received in meeting this need.

The donation had a tremendous impact to the food banks that received the food, and we plan to renew this goal and provide another million pounds by this time next summer.

In order to continue our efforts to support families who suffer from hunger, we are counting on our community to sustain this vision with financial support. We encourage supporters to make contributions by writing a check to Gleaning For The World at PO Box 645 Concord, VA  24538 or on our secure online server.

According to Larry Zippin, Chief Executive for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, “The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (BRAFB) is grateful to Gleaning For The World for entering into a partnership which will enable us, as a result of GFTW’s acquiring hundreds of thousands of pounds of food products and other dry goods, to provide emergency food to thousands of hungry people throughout communities served by BRAFB.”

“There are too many families who go without the nutrition they need,” says Rev Ron Davidson, President and COO for Gleaning For The World. “Our vision is to make certain these families have what they need, and we will do everything we can to make this happen. We have thousands of volunteers from our communities who assist Gleaning throughout the year. This is one way we can give back. We are trusting that others will step forward and help continue this effort with their support.”

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