Gleaning For The World will partner with any humanitarian group seeking to end human suffering anywhere in the world. Since our founding, we have sent shipments to more than 54 countries on five continents. Following are just a sampling of ways Gleaning For The World has made a difference in our world:

    • When the 2004 Asian tsunami devastated countries around the Indian Ocean, GFTW worked in partnership with several international aid organizations to ship food items to the tiny nation of Sri Lanka. After immediate survival needs were met, GFTW worked with ABC affiliate WSET-TV to start the “Heart of Virginia Tsunami Lifeline.” Funds raised through this effort were used to purchase 33 complete fishing vessels, restoring the livelihood of at least 132 families and helping to repair the economy of Kalmunai, Sri Lanka.


    • HIV babies in the Dominican Republic were able to take their medications because GFTW sent food to their orphanage.


    • Medical supplies from GFTW made it possible for more than one million people to receive health care at clinics in Africa, Asia and Central America.


    • GFTW shipped supplies to new clinics in Lebanon and Israel to help people caught in the war.


  • GFTW shipped food and medical supplies to an orphanage in Zimbabwe. The food will sustain 6,400 orphans and some of their caregivers for more than a month. The medical supplies will be used to provide desperately-needed health care.

For more information about GFTW’s International Relief efforts, call us at 1-877-913-9212 or click here.