03/20/14 – Lynchburg-area charity celebrates milestone and announces expansion |more>>

3/20/14 – Gleaning For The World Makes Major Announcement |more>>

03/20/14 – Gleaning for the World sends 3,000th shipment

03/20/14 – Gleaning for the World announces plans to double its abilities to help people in need |more>>

01/08/14 – Disaster Blankets For The Homeless |more>>

01/06/14 – During Brutal Kentucky Cold, Shelters Fill Up |more>>

12/10/13 – Gleaning for the World Donates Food to Daily Bread |more>>

11/27/13 – Gleaning for the World Collecting Boxes for Those Affected by Typhoon |more>>

11/12/13 – Gleaning for the World Collecting Items to Help Storm Victims in the Philippines |more>>

11/11/13 – Gleaning For the World: Need in Philippines is Urgent |more>>

11/10/13 Gleaning for the World, others collect for typhoon relief |more>>

11/08/13 – Gleaning For The World Aims to Fight Sex Trafficking in Post Typhoon Philippines |more>>

11/02/13 – Gleaning for the World Kicks Off Holiday Shopping Event in Concord |more>>

10/30/13 – Gleaning for the World to preview new women’s program |more>>

10/17/13 – Gleaning For The World Makes Major Announcement |more>>

10/14/13 – GFTW Sends Supplies to India |more>>

10/05/13 – Lynchburg Community Gives Canned Goods for Day of Fun |more>>

09/19/13 – Gleaning for the World organizes supply drive for Colorado flood victims |more>>

09/18/13 – Gleaning for the World to Distribute 42,000 Pounds of Potatoes | more>>

09/17/13 – Gleaning for the World organizes supply drive for Colorado flood victims | more>>

09/17/13 – Gleaning for the World Helping Colorado Flood Victims | more>>

06/25/13 – 24 Tons of Sweet Potatoes Donated to Gleaning for the World | more>>

06/01/13 – Donations to Oklahoma Tornado Victims Put to Good Use After Friday’s Storms | more>>

05/24/13 – Donations From Central Virginia Delivered to Moore, Survivors Grateful | more>>

05/22/13 – Gleaning For The World Filling Trucks With Donations For Tornado Victims | more>>

05/21/13 – Gleaning For The World Assisting Oklahoma Tornado Victims | more>>

04/05/13 – Gleaning Sending Supplies to Jordan  | more>>

1/23/12- Gleaning For The World Heads Southeast | more>>

1/10/12- Gleaning For The World Passes Major Milestone in Shipments | more>>



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