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Superstorm Sandy

In November of 2012 twenty-four states were slammed by the largest storm in history.  In New York, The Coney Island Gospel Assembly was left standing among the wreckage.  Pastor Constance Hulla surveyed the damage. “The storm pushed in one of our main doors – a metal door and frame- and the mortar and bricks around it.  It flooded the lower level,” she said.

Like the other boroughs of New York, Brooklyn’s Coney Island was devastated.  The flooding was wide spread, but it wasn’t just the flooding that was the problem.    “The water was mixed with sewage – a lot of sewage,” said Constance.  The storm had forced over 10 billion gallons of raw sewage out into the streets of the Tri-State area.

Across the city, Rev. Daniel Delgado witnessed the destruction of Staten Island. “It hit us more like a tsunami,” Rev. Delgado said. “The only way I can describe it is the tide came in and never went back out.”  Staten Island was isolated from the rest of the city.  The bridges closed, and with them went access to outside help.  Rev. Delgado immediately collaborated with pastors from over 40 other churches to help the community.

The original assessment was going to limit Gleaning For The World’s involvement to five or six tractor-trailer loads of supplies.  However, Gleaning For The World received tremendous support from our community, Glenn Beck’s Mercury One, and from Brother’s Brother Foundation.  “We ended up sending 50 tractor-trailer loads to New York, with over $5,000,000 worth of supplies,” stated Gleaning For The World president Rev. Ron Davidson.  “Do you see providence in that?  I’d say that it is a true miracle.”  Some of Mercury One’s support went directly to loads sent to Coney Island Gospel Assembly, and overall they provided 10 tractor trailer loads and over $650,000 worth of life saving supplies. Brother’s Brother Foundation helped supply Rev. Delgado’s organization Third Day Missions and other organizations with 24 tractor-trailer loads of over $800,000 worth of supplies.

What were the results of the result of supplies sent to Third Day Missions, Inc?  While it took FEMA and the Red Cross four days to respond, Delgado was providing help within hours of the storm – supplying over 15,000 meals.

Coney Island Gospel Assembly was a distribution point for supplies, doctor consultations and legal advice.  “This work salvaged a community,” added Pastor Hulla, “We saw the church and the community come together.”

Things have improved, buildings rebuilt, attractions have reopened, but there is much to be done.  The impact we were able to make is directly possible due to your support and the support of amazing organizations like Mercury One and Brother’s Brother Foundation.  This is the essence of what Gleaning For The World does, and what we will continue to do with the tornadoes in Oklahoma and beyond.  We offer the maximum possible relief with the least waste – earning us the reputation as America’s Most Efficient Large Charity.

Mercury One is a Texas based non-profit foundation, backed and promoted by its founder, Glenn Beck – a well-known radio and TV personality. Many times they can be seen reaching out in times of disaster and distress.  Their response was made possible by their generous support base.

Brothers Brother Foundation is a 55 year old non-profit organization dedicated to a mission of providing international health and education. Their loyal supporters have affected millions of lives throughout the years of Brother’s Brother Foundation’s operation.