For Humanitarian Organizations

Humanitarian organizations have a tough job reaching and providing care for those in desperate need. Often, they must use urgently needed funds to locate, store, sort, inventory and ship supplies to people working in the field. A study completed by Gleaning For The World demonstrated that it costs the average organization tens of thousands of dollars per 40-foot container of product to manage the supplies, even if the products have been donated. This is where Gleaning For The World becomes an invaluable asset.

Gleaning For The World does not have its own mission projects. We partner with other humanitarian organizations to provide and manage supplies, saving them thousands of dollars in desperately needed funds each year. Our expertise in international aid delivery, including tight quality control, detailed documentation and a global network of resources, ensures that goods successfully make their way through customs and to their intended recipient.

Product Procurement
Using a professional staff, proficient supply chains, and an army of volunteers, GFTW can locate supplies, sort, inventory and load containers for less than one percent of the value of the product. The types of products GFTW typically offers include:

  • Medical Supplies (first aid supplies, over-the-counter medications)
  • Surgical Supplies (surgical kits and instruments)
  • Medical Equipment (hospital beds, gurneys, dental chairs, x-ray units, etc.)
  • Food and Drink (nutrition bars, vitamins, bottled water, nutritional drinks)
  • Shoes (new shoes of various types)

Product Management
For organizations that have received donated products, GFTW provides management services including sorting the supplies, providing inventory control, and warehousing the product until the shipment is needed — all for less than what most non-profit organizations pay for warehouse staff. The product remains the property of the non-profit as does donor information.

For more information on the ways GFTW can help humanitarian organizations, call us at 1-877-913-9212 or click here.