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One of the most difficult challenges in providing medical care to impoverished communities or disaster areas is getting there. Refugee camps are rarely located on main roads. People with AIDS are often too weak to travel to a city for treatment. Hurricanes and other natural disasters can cripple stationary medical facilities and destroy roads and bridges. And epidemics are best contained when people remain in place.

In response, Gleaning For The World has developed the Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC) to address many of the challenges faced by organizations providing medical care to the world’s most impoverished people — starting with getting there. Conventional mobile clinics are impractical in areas where roads are rough or non-existent. The MMC is designed to withstand the rigors of travel on rugged roads and can be transported by helicopter to remote areas or places where roads have been destroyed by natural disaster.

Designed for use in the mission field, the MMC’s standard configuration includes:

  • Three water tanks (total capacity 100 gallons) for clean, safe water
  • Charcoal filtration system that allows water to be continuously resupplied
  • On-board water heater for almost instant hot water. Maintains water temperature during use.
  • 60-cycle generator with a deep-cycle emergency battery back-up system. Doctors are able to use the instruments they are comfortable with, eliminating the need to change electric cycles.

The MMC can be customized to meet the needs of your organization — whether to provide a specific type of medical care, to be used for food service in areas of famine or disaster, or to provide clean, filtered water. GFTW can also stock the MMC with medical supplies and equipment at less than one percent of their estimated value.

Whatever your mission, we have one goal in mind… to help you get there, equipped to meet the needs of people who are desperate for help.

For more information about the Mobile Medical Clinic, including specifications and customization options, please call us at 1-877-913-9212 or click here.