• Gleaning For The World’s goal has always been to reach God’s children with life-saving supplies while redirecting useable non-sellable supplies from America’s industry.
  • The sorting process established by GFTW guarantees quality, usability and dating with a proficiency of 97%.
  • GFTW will always be completely transparent in all business dealings with for-profit companies and non-profit organizations. Any request for reports on our finances, operations, procedures or use of funding will be responded to within 72 hours.
  • Gleaning will respond to every major disaster in the United States with life-saving supplies within 48 hours of the disaster.
  • GFTW will always seek to increase the volume of available supplies through contacts with major industries, effectively saving them budgeted funds and saving non-profits the cost of locating, sorting and shipping supplies to mission organizations.

2011 Goal:  In 2010, GFTW shipped 286 tractor-trailer shipments with a value of $42 million. In the next three years, the goal is to double the volume of supplies while maintaining the highest quality standards and the efficiency rating that has distinguished this ministry from other non-profits.

Accomplishing the goals:

  • Our Placement Officers work to locate and market our services to new non-profits daily. The placement procedures require non-profits to complete an application process so only the non-profits with the highest reputation and standards receive the supplies.
  • The sorting process is always under review using the Six Sigma methodology. Our goal is to place only the highest quality products with sufficient dating so non-profits have the highest quality product possible to complete their mission.
  • We continue to market our services to for-profit companies, enabling them to place non-sellable products that have sufficient dating and quality to improve the lifestyle of the impoverished and those affected by disasters.
  • GFTW will never seek to grow our organization if the growth does not also allow for the highest quality serves, dating and efficiency. Our goal of doubling our volume of product requires a sorting and placement process that guarantees the highest quality procedures.
  • Realizing that disasters can occur any time, GFTW will maintain a volume of life-saving supplies and be prepared 24/7 to respond to any disaster in the U.S. For-profit companies and other non-profits are contacted daily for supplies that can be maintained in our warehouse ready to ship within 12 hours of any request.