Mission Statement

To share the love of God at home and around the world through the efficient delivery of high quality, life-saving supplies to victims of poverty and devastation by connecting corporate surplus to critical needs.

Gleaning For The World seeks to provide urgently needed and life-saving support to communities in critical need throughout the world through the responsible application of a powerful concept that we call “gleaning.” By gleaning we mean that, from a host of generous corporate donors, we collect surplus medical and other essential supplies which we then, are able to distribute where humanitarian help is needed worldwide.

Our ability to both glean and distribute humanitarian help is due entirely to the generosity of additional thousands of individual donors. To insure that our humanitarian help arrives at its destination as quickly as possible and at the least possible cost, GFTW employs its experience and expertise to provide expedited distribution channels, logistical support and reliable and timely communication with both our corporate and individual donors. We believe that all God’s children are deserving of compassionate and reliable humanitarian help, regardless of ethnic, religious or cultural background.