Annual Report | Twenty-Sixteen

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From The Desk Of Jonathan Falwell

Gleaning For The World clearly met the challenge of its mission in 2016!

Together, we were able to help nearly 7,000,000 people during their most desperate hours.

By responding quickly to the sudden impact of natural disasters, and by working effectively with those burdened by generations of poverty, Gleaning provided love and hope to a hurting world. The comprehensive effect of our work may not be fully known until eternity, but each minute invested and every dollar given to help others has contributed to an amazing achievement.

I’m thankful for our team of advisors, board members, staff, volunteers, product donors, financial donors, distribution partners and each person who prayed and supported this incredible work. We made a big difference together.

There is still much to do, but I am confident that Gleaning For The World is strong and well positioned to move into the future with confidence. Thank you for going with us on this incredible journey of sharing the love of God at home and around the world.

Jonathan Falwell


From The Desk Of Ron Davidson

What can I say about 2016?

I could say that our hardworking staff and loyal volunteers more than doubled the amount of supplies we sent during the previous year.

I could speak proudly about the fact that we sent out 274 tractor-trailer shipments of humanitarian supplies. I could mention that we responded to more than seven major natural disasters. I could go on and on about the tornado that touched down only a few miles from our headquarters. While all of these are incredibly important to mention, there is one milestone from 2016 that means the most to me.

Your support delivered hope to more than seven million people last year. That’s seven million people in their darkest moments to whom you shared hope, healing and the Gospel. That is an incredible feat. You helped families clean and rebuild after disasters, provided an avenue for people dependent upon handouts to start their own businesses, you saved hundreds of women in Rwanda enough money to purchase health insurance for their families and, most importantly, you shared the Gospel with tens of thousands of people who, today, have a new hope.

This was the major achievement of 2016. It wasn’t just the supplies we sent or the hours dedicated through volunteering, but the lives we touched for Christ and the eternal impact our partnership has created. Thank you for making it possible.

Ron Davidson



Gleaning For The World is a nationally recognized humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization which utilizes corporate surplus to meet the needs of hurting families around the world. These relief supplies are often donated to Gleaning, sorted by thousands of volunteers and distributed to people who are in desperate need.

This “gleaning” method allows us to limit costs and maximize the generosity of our financial donors. The result? Donations to Gleaning go further than any other nonprofit. This annual report will focus on the impact our incredible programs had on people’s lives in 2016.

1. Lead-Contaminated Water Of Flint, MI
2. Tornado Touches Our Own Community Of Appomattox, VA
3. Massive Flooding Hits Louisiana
4. West Virginia Families Underwater
5. Hurricane Matthew Slams Haiti and the East Coast
6. Wildfires Burn Through Gatlinburg, TN
7. Building A Future Through Sustainability
8. Saving Lives Through Quality Medical Care
9. Helping Our American Heroes
10. Feeding Hungry American Families
11. Comforting Hurting Refugees
12. Empowering Women Around The World
13. Financial Stewardship

Lead-Contaminated Water
of Flint, MI

It all started when the city of Flint, MI switched off the Detroit water supply and tapped into the Flint River. The city’s pipes were not fully tested and the polluted water from the river reacted by corroding the pipes. The result? The contaminated water poisoned the city’s water supply with toxic levels of lead.

Residents began to complain about the taste of the water, but nothing was tested until 18 months later. By then, irreversible damage had occurred. Thousands of children were exposed to lead poisoning and a spike in Legionnaires disease caused the death of ten children. At that point, residents were told not to drink the water. However, there wasn’t state funding to provide a clean water replacement.

The situation turned desperate. The state was not providing bottled drinking water and retail stores throughout the region were sold out of clean water. In response, Gleaning For The World coordinated with our partners in Flint to begin supplying clean drinking water. We provided 130,000 bottles of water for immediate distribution.

Thousands of residents came out to our church partners to pick up a week’s worth of water. This was drinking water that the residents of this town needed, and was unavailable through other resources. This was a critical time for this community and we were able to help thousands of families in Flint.

It took the Michigan National Guard several weeks to install filters on household water taps to make the water supply drinkable. The projected date on full repair is in 2019.

Tornado Touches Our Own
Town of Appomattox

With little warning, a tornado touched down in historic Appomattox, Virginia – just a few miles from our headquarters. The EF-3 forced our staff and volunteers to seek immediate shelter. It knocked out power to several communities as it tore a 13-mile path through homes and businesses. Operating by emergency generators and flashlights, our staff began to provide humanitarian assistance. We worked with area retailers and supply partners to quickly stock local emergency shelters with relief supplies.

In the first few hours after the storm, we provided drinking water, cleaning supplies, personal care items and more to assist those impacted. We set up a base of operations in the Evergreen community (one of the hardest hit neighborhoods) and distributed relief supplies to families whose homes were damaged.

As the recovery efforts continued in the weeks and months that followed, we were able to help families by furnishing their rebuilt homes with entire living room and bedroom sets of furniture.  We delivered $105,000 worth of humanitarian relief supplies in our local community during this period.

Additionally, we took a lead role to help create the Long-Term Recovery Committee and the special Appomattox Relief Fund. The funding was managed through Gleaning, and the committee approved home improvement and restoration projects related to the tornado damage. More than $135,000 was given to help with this phase of the recovery process.

It was an honor to work with our local community, and to serve as a resource to help familieswho had tirelessly supported our efforts around the world.

Massive Flooding Hits Louisiana

Catastrophic! Once in a Thousand Years! Historic!

These are the words used to describe the unprecedented level of flooding which hit Louisiana in mid-August. In just under a week, this storm dumped 7.1 trillion gallons of water on the Baton Rouge area. To put this into scale, Smith Mountain Lake is a large recreational lake in Central Virginia with more than 500 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 55 feet. The amount of rain which fell on the Baton Rouge area could drain and fill this lake every single day for nineteen days. The impact on the community was devastating.

Rivers burst out of their banks, levee after levee breached and nearly one out of every three structures in some areas were flooded. More than 146,000 people were impacted by the overwhelming amount of flooding. The result – $15 billion in damage.

Lives were tragically lost. Homes were ruined. Destroyed furniture lined the streets for miles. We immediately sprung into action.  Within hours, our disaster relief efforts were underway. Families cleaning out the wreckage in 93 degree heat with overwhelming humidity, were met with hundreds of thousands of bottles of clean drinking water provided by Gleaning. We sent food and personal care items (deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc). As the recovery efforts progressed, we connected families with construction supplies and tools for rebuilding efforts.

Louisiana’s recovery efforts faced a horrible setback, Stachybotrys – black mold. Long-term exposure is dangerous as it causes respiratory problems and can lead to internal bleeding. This toxic mold grows rapidly in hot humid environments. Wet drywall from the flooding became infested in a matter of hours as the flood waters receded. We provided thousands of pounds of lime, which effectively kills black mold – allowing homeowners and contractors the ability to save homes from total loss.

Over several months and multiple flooding incidents, we provided more than $2 million worth of relief supplies and construction materials to these hard-hit American families.

West Virginia Families Underwater

In 2016, we witnessed two record-breaking, once-in-a thousand-years storms. One of these storms dumped ten inches of rain in just twelve hours on eastern parts of West Virginia. Tragically, the flooding claimed the lives of twenty-three people. Homes were lifted off their foundations and swept down the neighborhood, colliding with and destroying other homes as they went. Rising waters forced families to evacuate quickly and take only what they could carry.

Berkeley Springs, WV was a particularly hard-hit area. We worked with the owners of the Greenbrier Resort, which allowed impacted families to temporarily stay in their facilities, and to help coordinate the distribution of relief supplies. We provided food, water, cleaning supplies, blankets, personal care items and construction supplies.

Many families were hit hard because they did not have flood insurance. This left them without the funds and resources to rebuild. Recovery loans were permitted only up to $30,000, leaving a wide gap in funds needed to rebuild. We provided shipments of construction materials to help these families. These shipments helped families, rebuilding by themselves and through volunteer labor, to save tens of thousands of dollars in their rebuilding process.

We provided nearly $800,000 worth of humanitarian relief to hurting families in West Virginia – helping them to get back on their feet.

Hurricane Matthew Slams Haiti &
the East Coast

Hurricane Matthew was the first Category 5 Hurricane to form in the Atlantic in nearly ten years. This storm had sustained winds of 160 mph, and when it hit Haiti, the poorest country in the world, the results were devastating.

The hurricane dumped between 15 and 40 inches of rain on the poorest region of Haiti. This caused widespread and overwhelming flooding on the western part of the island. Infrastructure (roads and bridges) was destroyed and washed away, leaving families cut off from the rest of the country and from humanitarian relief. An estimated 350,000 of the Haitian people were impacted. We coordinated with our long-term partners to provide 500,000 hot meals to impacted families. Additionally, we provided 25,000
pounds of condensed milk for hungry children.

When Hurricane Matthew made landfall in America, the flooding and damage started in Florida and quickly traveled up the coast into North Carolina. The damaging rain and high winds knocked out electricity to hundreds of thousands of people. The rain caused massive week-long flooding in North Carolina. We provided food, water, generators, cleaning supplies, shovels, axes, chainsaws and protective wear to assist in the lengthy clean up.

We provided ongoing relief efforts in Lumberton, NC. This area is rated one of the poorest cities in America, and it had to absorb some of the worst damage from Hurricane Matthew. We worked throughout this area for several months. In December, Gleaning partnered with Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA) and churches nationwide to provide 125,000 meals, 8,400 blankets, 1,000 stuffed animals and 1,000 Bibles.

Wildfires Burn Through
Gatlinburg, TN

The fire that tore through the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee was the deadliest fire in the eastern United States since 1947. It tragically claimed the lives of fourteen people, destroyed more than 2,500 buildings and burned nearly 18,000 square miles of beautiful forestry.

This section of America is a very popular tourist area. When the fire began to spread, it produced a lot of confusion for both residents and tourists. State officials were unclear on the number of families actually in the path of the fire. And, as an example, one woman we met didn’t own a car, and as the fire approached her home she did not have a way to evacuate.

Fortunately, a group of tourists had gotten turned around in the smoke and came upon her property by accident as they were looking for a way out. She was able to get a ride with them to safety. Tragically, this woman lost her home and all her possessions in this wildfire.

We provided nearly $70,000 worth of food, water, pet food, cleaning supplies, personal care items and other urgently-needed humanitarian relief supplies to assist our fellow Americans suffering in this disaster.

Building A Future
Through Sustainability

A significant piece of Gleaning’s mission is to identify new and sustainable ways to help people lift themselves out of poverty. In years past, we have provided fishing boats to communities in the Philippines so they could work to sell fish to earn a living. We have assisted female Syrian refugees trained in sowing to open a clothing business.

We were fortunate to work with several communities again in 2016 to help lift them out of poverty. For example:

1. We provided our partners in Central and Latin America with 229,500 lbs of wax. This was a donation made to Gleaning For The World by a prominent American candle company. Instead of destroying these candles, they were donated to us in order to find a way to help improve the lives of impoverished families. We processed the wax, had it melted and reformed and then worked with impoverished families to sell it as a product in the local markets. This project is helping so many families, once dependent upon charity, stand on their own feet by giving them this small business entrepreneurship opportunity.

2. On a Gleaning-sponsored WINGS mission trip, we worked with a women’s cooperative to establish skills-training and micro-enterprise. This will help women in rural Rwanda have the ability to provide for their family outside of peak farming season. Each of these women also received a WINGS kit. Over the course of a year, these kits will save each woman enough money to pay for a year of education, purchase health insurance and buy livestock to feed their family.

Saving Lives Through Quality Medical Care

In thousands of medical facilities around the world, one of the main causes of infection comes from the reuse of medical supplies. Under-resourced hospitals and medical facilities often attempt to sanitize contaminated medical supplies, which in America would be destroyed. Doctors do not have adequate access to replacement supplies, which forces them to reuse rather than dispose of contaminated items.

One of the main avenues where Gleaning is uniquely positioned to help is through the maintaining of a fresh supply of critical medical items for under-resourced hospitals and clinics in developing countries. These are critical to doctors, nurses, surgeons and other medical personnel in order to provide a better quality of medical care.

These supplies literally save lives. Our support to these hospitals increases the number of safe medical procedures doctors can perform, decreases risks associated with bloodborne pathogens and improves health outcomes.

We provided hospitals and medical facilities with more than $19 million worth of medical supplies in 2016. These efforts improved the quality of life for tens of thousands of people in the developing world. This meant better care, safer surgeries, healthier births and longer life expectancy.

Helping Save Our
American Heroes

The Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Salem, Virginia serves more than 112,000 central and southwest Virginia veterans. These are men and women who have made a great personal sacrifice over the decades to secure our national safety and freedoms.  They gave years of their lives, gave up time with their families, lost friends and loved ones and received lifelong injuries – both physical and emotional.

They are true heroes to whom we owe an incredible debt of gratitude.  There are many of these American warriors now living in short-term and long-term care who do not have the resources to purchase the personal care items and creature comforts that make in-patient care manageable. We work with the VA Medical Center in Salem to ensure there is a consistent supply of shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste,
soap, combs and brushes and snacks for the hospital to distribute to patients as needed.

We were able to provide 1,500 pounds of personal care items and snacks to help support and encourage these local veterans.

Feeding Hungry
American Families

Hunger and accessing proper nutrition are major problems for millions of families in America. The numbers are shocking. More than 23 million low-income families live in places where there is difficulty gaining access to healthy food options. Supermarkets are often too far apart in these areas, so these families feed their children with junk and fast food because that is all they can find and all they can afford.  We have a commitment to aid these families for the sake of their children. As the families work to get themselves out of poverty, we come alongside to help them access food that will benefit their children.

We coordinate with agencies and organizations which work directly with hurting families to provide food as these families get back on their feet. We provide a modest supply of fresh vegetables, canned foods, healthy cereals, milk, juice and related nutritional items.

In 2016, we provided 980,000 meals to families trying to get back on their feet.

Comforting Hurting Refugees

In 2016, the Middle East refugee crisis took a different turn. Not only were families fleeing a violent terrorist army, which brutalized civilians in order to spread an extremist agenda, but they were also fleeing a brutal dictator who intentionally slaughtered his own citizens in hopes of crushing a rebellion.

The crisis is epitomized by the horrific images coming out of Aleppo, a city which was home to more than one million people.  Today, it is little more than rubble. The traumatized-look on children’s faces as they escape the violence, the hollowed out buildings ravaged by barrel bombs, and crying mothers weeping over the loss of a child; these are all images we have seen plastered across the media. There are now more than seven million refugees from this horrific crisis.

We worked within the camps across the Middle East to help refugees where they live. We provided humanitarian relief and comfort to the hurting families. We connected vulnerable Christian refugees to churches for support. We worked with places of worship and missionaries in Europe to help meet critical needs and evangelize these war refugees as they crossed from Mesopotamia into Eastern Europe.

We are committed to providing relief to terror refugees around the world, not only refugees of The Islamic State, but their declared partner Boko Haram in Nigeria as well. Last year, we provided more than $500,000 worth of humanitarian relief to help comfort refugees. We provided clothing, food, personal care items, bibles, blankets, dishes, feminine care items, shoes, water, vitamins & supplements, bikes, furniture, stuffed animals, paper products, kitchen supplies and mattresses.

We remain committed to helping the hurting in this crisis and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. It is the only way to change hearts, minds and souls.

Empowering Women Around
the World

The WINGS program is one of Gleaning’s most recent initiatives. This humanitarian program addresses a critical need for young women around the developing world. Tens of millions of women do not have access to feminine hygiene products. These products are often taboo to discuss, let alone buy. Disposable products are often expensive; costing more than what women make in several days. This put women with families in a “Sophie’s Choice” situation to choose between feeding their families or taking care of themselves. Without these products, women are not allowed to go to work and girls are unable to attend school for several days a month.

Our WINGS kits improve the lives of the women who receive them. They allow women to work, girls to stay in school, prevent infections and save women a significant amount of money. Because of the kits’ durability, they will meet each woman’s need for up to four years. As an example of how much money these women save, in Rwanda a woman who receives a kit will save enough money each year to purchase health insurance, pay for a year of tuition and buy a chicken that provides food for their family.

In 2016, our WINGS program reached 2,751 women across fourteen countries.

“WINGS kits were a huge blessing. The women danced and sang for 30 minutes after receiving these gifts! My translator, Ancille, told me that many women “up country” have to dig a hole and just stay over it while they are waiting for their cycle to complete itself. It’s too wasteful to take the fabric they need for other things and to use it to manage their needs. You made a huge difference for these women.” – Susan May, Our Partner in Burundi

Gleaning For The World Financial Summary

Statement of Activity

Ordinary Income/ Expense 12/31/16
Business Donations 672,107
Church Donations 400,008
Individual 1,011,021
Grants 52,517
Disaster 740,334
Operational 444,040
Total Income 3,320,027
Employment Expense 998,083
Shipping 332,750
Events/Capital Campaign 5,532
Product 976,466
Marketing 99,416
Operating Expense 711,577
Total Expense 3,123,824
Other Ordinary Income/Noncash Transactions
Donated Product 31,357,239
Value Donated Warehouse 42,500
Total Other Income 31,399,739
Donated Product  – Shipped 31,028,916
Value – Donated Warehouse 42,500
Depreciation 69,258
Other Expense 1,293,541
Net Noncash Transactions 32,434,215
Total Net Margin -838,273

Statement of Financial Position

Assets 12/31/16
Checking – Unrestricted  308,034
Checking – Restricted 5,900
Savings 249,645
Total Checking/Savings 563,579
Accounts Receivable 6,000
Contributions Receivable 58,325
Pledges Receiveable, net 293,012
Other Receivables 17,376
Total Accounts Receivables 374,713
Other Current Assets  
Purchased Inventory 19,818
Donated Inventory 2,859,307
Prepaid Expense 8,250
Total Accounts Receivable 2,887,375
Total Current Assets 3,825,667
Fixed Assets  
Land Improvements 113,508
Land  71,335
Building 1,643,447
Accum Dep – Building -276,873
Vehicles 225,412
Accum Dep – Vehicles -147,141
Office Equipment 68,440
Accum Dep – Office Equipment -62,341
Equipment 145,537
Accum Dep – Equipment  -123,090
Total Fixed Assets 1,658,234
Total Assets 5,483,901
Current Liabilities  
Accounts Payable 64,942
Total Accounts Payable 64,942
Total Other Current Liabilities  173,130
Total Long Term Liabilities 1,408,600
Total Liabilities 1,646,672
Temporary Restricted Net Assets 476,672
Unrestricted Net Assets 4,198,830
Net Income -838,273
Total Equity 3,837,229
Total Liabilities & Equity 5,483,901