Earthquakes in Puerto Rico, Fires in Australia, & Tornadoes from Texas to Tennessee

When disaster strikes, there are many steps we need to take before determining whether or not it is feasible for Gleaning to respond. From the outside looking in, it might seem like a no-brainer: “disaster has happened … send help!”

However, while we all have the desire to help… there are several logistical details that need to be worked out first.

For example, we’ve gotten pretty good at collecting, sorting and shipping supplies to those in need… dare I say, we’re probably at expert level with this! 

But when disaster strikes, our first step is to find a distribution partner— that is, a like-minded partner who will receive and distribute the items we ship—in the area affected by the storm. We have partners all over the world through our network, but it takes time to find someone in the right location (especially in an area we have not worked before) to help victims of each disaster. 

Once we’ve confirmed a suitable partner, the second question we must ask them is, “can your facility accommodate a tractor trailer full of supplies, and the hundreds or thousands of people who will come to your location to receive help?” …Followed by questions like “How will you unload the supplies? Do you have adequate square footage to hold these supplies? Do you have a forklift? And, do you have people to help you run a successful distribution?” 

Logistics: it’s what we do. In order for everything to run as smoothly on the supply distribution end as it does on our end, we want to make sure we know all the answers before we even embark on our disaster response.

I want you to know, we’ve been working hard over the last week. We’ve been doing extensive research, contacting current partners, reaching new partners, attending virtual meetings (every day) with other non-profits, and trying to determine if we can respond to any of the disasters I listed above… and if so, how. What is the greatest need? How can we help? 

Stay tuned for more information about Puerto Rico, Australia, and the southern United States. 

We’re evaluating each disaster carefully to determine the best role Gleaning can play as these catastrophic events unfold.  

Please join us in praying for all those affected by these disasters, and please consider visiting our giving page for Disaster Relief to share a gift of any amount, which will help us prepare for out next disaster response. To find our giving page, simply click here

In service and partnership,

Jeane Smiley-Mason

President & COO

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A quote from our partner in Louisiana about receiving the supplies you all donated in response to Hurricane Laura.

“It’s greatly appreciated – what was put down here. Because you have to realize, we had no way of obtaining those things… Here I am, sitting in a room right now, I’m looking at dog food, baby diapers, bathroom essentials, canned goods, water – whatever you could think of that you’d need; we haven’t been short of anything - thanks to people like you.

You have to understand that when you don’t have anything – it’s people like you that make it possible for us to be here and work. Without supplies, without food, without water, without flashlights, without batteries, oh, I could go on and on! Without all of those things – with no electricity, we couldn’t function here. We’d have to just close the gates.”

Thank you for helping the people of Louisiana and Texas with 5 tractor trailers filled with supplies. #lynchburgva #gleaningfortheworld

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