Sharing God’s Love & Giving Back on Valentine’s Day  

We’re having so much fun today giving out Valentine’s cookies, chocolates, and bottles of water as part of our Share the Love Valentine’s Giveaway.

It’s really been a great day! Our mission is to share God’s love at home and around the world, and today, we’ve been able to personally thank many of our local supporters and Share the Love with our surrounding community.

Normally, we park our big truck in front of Sam’s Club whenever disaster strikes, and we ask for help from the public. We ask our supporters to share love with those in need. That’s why we chose Sam’s Club as our location to give back to as many people as we can this Valentine’s Day. 

Our truck driver, Steve (pictured above), along with other Gleaning team members will be at Sam’s sharing God’s love until 6pm tonight. If you’re local, won’t you stop by?  

Our supporters come from all over the world — and if we were able to hand each of you a sweet treat today, we would! We want you to know how special you are. 

Whether you live near or far, you deserve many thanks! We cannot do what we do, without the selfless generosity of those who support this ministry. You are a blessing. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Gleaning For The World, 

Jeane Smiley-Mason

President & COO

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9am to 1pm #lynchburgva #appomattoxva

A quote from our partner in Louisiana about receiving the supplies you all donated in response to Hurricane Laura.

“It’s greatly appreciated – what was put down here. Because you have to realize, we had no way of obtaining those things… Here I am, sitting in a room right now, I’m looking at dog food, baby diapers, bathroom essentials, canned goods, water – whatever you could think of that you’d need; we haven’t been short of anything - thanks to people like you.

You have to understand that when you don’t have anything – it’s people like you that make it possible for us to be here and work. Without supplies, without food, without water, without flashlights, without batteries, oh, I could go on and on! Without all of those things – with no electricity, we couldn’t function here. We’d have to just close the gates.”

Thank you for helping the people of Louisiana and Texas with 5 tractor trailers filled with supplies. #lynchburgva #gleaningfortheworld

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