Coronavirus Updates March, 2020

Center for Disease Control Warns Coronavirus to Spread Rapidly in U.S.
Global Death Toll Escalates
South Korea Reports 1,146 Cases
Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Contracts Coronavirus
Cases Exceed 320 in Italy – Ten Dead
Infections Keep Mounting After Cruise Ship Fiasco in Japan
Coronavirus Will Be Major Threat in Africa
Americans Should Prepare for Coronavirus Crisis
Stocks Fall as the Coronavirus Spreads

The news headlines are enough to bring shivers down your spine! Everywhere you turn, this
potential pandemic is impacting every area of life – and it is spreading quickly around the globe.

It’s hard to believe that just eight weeks ago, no one had even heard of the coronavirus. The New York Times first mentioned it January 8th – saying there was “no evidence that the new virus is readily spread by humans.” What a difference a few weeks make!

While multiple cities are essentially locked down in China, federal health authorities in the United States are expecting a sustained transmission of the virus and are calling for businesses, schools and communities to brace themselves and plan for potential outbreaks. As one health expert made clear, “The question isn’t if the virus will expand in the US, the question is when…and the disruption to everyday life might be severe.”


When the news reached my desk in early February of just how deadly this could potentially be, we began organizing and providing assistance around the globe:

  • We’ve shipped 95,480 protective masks and 3,465 protective garments to China to try to stop
    its spread to key cities.
  • We have prepared a shipping container for partners in West Africa that contains 1,573,000
    masks and 2,500 protective coveralls – it’s on its way to key hospitals in that country.
  • We have begun stockpiling masks in our warehouse to provide assistance inside the United

We continue to receive daily requests for help from our strategic partners worldwide, voicing grave concerns about the potential spread of the virus in their countries and the limited healthcare services to effectively combat widespread outbreaks. Additionally, we’ve learned firsthand that nothing like this virus can be contained to one country or region. It will spread.

However, the more we slow it down and limit its transmission, the more likely we can save lives and reduce its impact in the U.S.

With that in mind, I am coming to you today with an urgent request for funding. We must secure as many protective masks, garments, gloves and supporting materials to assist in this potentially cataclysmic situation.

Your gift today will save lives. No doubt about it.

Your gift today will benefit your family and your neighbors. No doubt about it.

Your gift today will have a significant impact around the globe. No doubt about it.

Please consider your most generous gift today. We are only able to do as much as you empower us to do. My prayer is that we don’t look back at this situation in a few weeks and wish we had sacrificed a little bit more now in order to prevent uncontrolled havoc.

As you may know, coronaviruses tend to spread from person to person through coughs and sneezes. Staying at least six feet from other people is thought to minimize the risk. Washing your hands is a must. Do what you can to protect yourself and look to Gleaning For The World to be your front-line partner in this critical fight.

God bless you for what you decide to do.

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In service and partnership,

Jeane Smiley-Mason

President & COO

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