Newsletter, March 2021

“Thanks for all your wonderful work helping so many people in the name of Jesus Christ.” 

“I want to express our appreciation for your tremendous assistance — providing food for the individuals we serve.”

“It is such a blessing to see so many people who care and are doing what they are able in order to help hurting families!”

We share these words of appreciation with you because they are meant for you!  Yes, we receive kind notes and phone calls here in Concord, but it is because of our partnership together that so many people are receiving help every day.

As 2020 rolled into 2021, Gleaning hasn’t missed a beat!  We are continuing to fulfill our mission to share the love of God at home and around the world.

Every season in the calendar year is a busy one for our joint work together.  This is truly a 365 days-a-year ministry! 

As you know, there are many different causes of suffering:

*Disasters caused by nature – hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and fires.

*Disasters caused by human infliction – war, aggression, violence and hate.

Each produces innocent victims:  Individuals, Families, Children, Elderly – whose lives are suddenly and dramatically affected. And, most likely, forever.  They may lose loved ones, lose homes, suffer personal injuries, move into shelters or have to relocate to an entirely different country.

Where there is human suffering — whatever form it may take and whatever the cause — there are loving individuals who want to help, to ease the pain, to share the burden and to bring hope.

Hearing the heartfelt requests for help from our humanitarian partner organizations is what drives us to walk out our mission every day.

*Medical supplies and equipment that need to be sorted, inventoried and packed for medical clinics serving the poorest of the poor.

*Sewing and assembling reusable hygiene kits in order for young girls to be able to attend school and receive an education.

*Gathering clothing, blankets, personal care items, basic household and other essential supplies so our international shipping containers and US-bound tractor trailers are filled with supplies for our partners to distribute to those facing a crisis.

Everyday our team of employees and volunteers work hand-in-hand to meet the demands.  We could not do that without your financial partnership.

This year is starting out as a busy one with humanitarian aid supplies on the way to Lebanon (working with our Christian partners we’re still responding to the major port blast that occurred last summer in Beirut leaving 300,000 people homeless, and a city in shreds), Nigeria, Haiti, Jordan, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic and Guyana. While here in our backyard we are responding to our local community with food, blankets and water.  Nationally, with the recent severe weather we are working with partners in Tennessee and Texas to deliver truckloads of drinking water and blankets.

Thank you for your investment of prayer and finances into the work of Gleaning.  You have my commitment that for as long as you desire to provide hope and healing to the hurting, we will continue to press forward as the hands and feet of Jesus.  The needs are great, but together, with God’s blessing, we can continue to do incredible work.

In service and partnership,

Jeane Smiley-Mason

President & COO

PS:  I hope you will stand with us in ministry again this month.  Every dollar you give is vital to our work together.

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