MISSION RWANDA: Empowering 500+ women

A missions team is heading to the genocide-torn country of Rwanda.

MISSION RWANDA: Empowering 500+ women

Most of you have probably heard about our WINGS program.  This program is designed to help young women, who do not have access to feminine hygiene products, to have a sustainable option for their natural monthly cycle.  These women face discrimination and live with superstition regarding normal biology.

  • A few examples are:
    Nearly 25% of girls in Uganda drop out because they cannot attend school during this time of the month and they are unable to keep up with school work.
  • In some countries, the general population believes that if a woman walks in the family  garden during their monthly cycle, the vegetables will die.
  • Disposable products cost more than what many families make in a day.

We Began Working In Rwanda in 2015

In 2015, our volunteer coordinator, Danielle Sarchet, traveled to Rwanda to explore how our WINGS program can help the young women of this genocide-torn country.  She personally distributed more than 300 women with sustainable, feminine hygiene kits and helped provide materials to teach young women sewing.

This is a country that is still reeling from a genocide that claimed the lives of more than 1,000,000 people.

This year, Danielle is leading a missions team of medical professionals to reach an additional 500 women.  They are expanding their work to include basic medical examinations, teaching proper nutrition, providing hygiene kits, teaching proper sanitation, seamstress training and water purification techniques.

They have been raising the funds for their trip independently and with the help of our army of volunteers.  Gleaning For The World is committed to help provide them with the supplies that are critical to helping these women — basic medical care, the sustainable kits, sewing machines and more.

Will you partner with us and support this team with the supplies they need to reach more than 500 women in Rwanda?