Helping West Virginia Families

When West Virginia was hit hard by the widespread flooding, Gleaning For The World was there within 24 hours.

Aid To West Virginia

Yesterday (June 30th) I was in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia handing out supplies, meeting with the National Guard and visiting the people impacted by the flood. I have been all over the world and this is truly one of the worst disasters I have seen. I met a young lady named Kim. I ask that you keep Kim and her family in your prayers. We spoke briefly, making small talk and then I asked her if she lost anything in the flood. She said her house was fine. Then she told me her grandfather, father and two uncles had lost their homes. Then she told me about her aunt who held on to a tree for several hours before she lost her strength and was found downstream the next day. I met her uncle and gave them both a long hug and promised them that God would never leave her.  Before I left them, I gave them some cases of water, gloves and cleaning supplies.  In the large picture you will see the tree that Kim’s uncle and aunt held onto for six hours on the night of the flood.tree

The other thing that I have seen in natural disasters which truly haunts me are the toys. addison-for-webThere were dozens of toys covered in mud and dirt. I wonder, what happened to the children? Were they hurt? Are they OK?  The toys and children come back to me for years in my dreams.  In the picture is a little girl named Addison.  She and her family got out of their home before the flood waters came.  When they returned they began to go through their remaining possessions.  While her parents were pulling furniture out, Addison was sorting through her toys.  Into two piles she was separating them out by which could be saved.  In her life which is now so full of chaos, sorting her toys was a way for her to have some control.  It is because of children like Addison that we have our Teddy Bear Brigade.  It is a calming element in a young child’s life.  It is a friend for them to confide in.  It is an outlet for their fears.

I know we were there doing what we could, but it just hurts more and more when I see the suffering of others. Thank God we were there to reach these suffering families. The best thing I did yesterday is hold a few people in my arms and remind them that we have a God that will not leave or forsake them.

Thank God for the people who support us financially and with product donations which allows us to do work that makes a difference.

– Rev. Ron Davidson