Video Update: A Special Message

Three minutes could change how you view the worldwide refugee crisis.

Aid in the Worldwide Refugee Crisis

Gleaning helps tens of thousands of hurting American families each year. We respond to natural disasters, assist in times of national crisis (helping police and National Guard during riots and unrest), providing food to hard working families who need a hand up, supplying comfort and relief to American veterans and much more.

We are the positive solution for Americans who desire to help hurting families that are facing violence and terrorism around the world. We reach out to suffering Christians who are facing persecution, aid Jewish families escaping discrimination to Israel and touch the hearts and minds of moderate Muslims facing violence by members of their own religion because they do not share their extreme views.

Take a moment to watch this update from Ron Davidson about our work with refugees. Then, consider making a financial gift join with us as a positive solution to the worldwide refugee crisis.

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