The Battle To Recapture Fallujah

US Coalition forces have retaken one third of this vital city -- thousands of innocent families are escaping

The Battle For Fallujah

Update From The Middle East

If you have followed the recent news, you may have seen that allied forces have been fighting ISIS in Fallujah.  They are making significant inroads to fully recapture the city.  US Coalition forces have been able to retake one-third of the city from ISIS.  Many families who were being forced to remain in the city as a civilian shields for ISIS are now free and have fled the city.

Our on-the-ground partners are helping families who have fled this violence.  Many are gathering in refugee camps.

Fled Into Camps

Tens of thousands of families are fleeing.  Many of them are persecuted Christians.  To escape the violence, they have abandoned all of their worldly possessions.

Many are attempting to flee to the West because the refugee camps cannot handle the growing need.  Supplies are low and temperatures are passing 110 degrees.

As an example, in just the past few days, 35 families have come to our Christian partners in the region for aid.  Our partners are attempting to assist and encourage these families who have suffered for their faith.  They have asked for our help in providing critical resources.

If we can help the refugees in the camp, they will be able to get reestablished and return to their homeland, rather than attempt to migrate to other parts of the world. They would rather go home, but are in survival mode at present.

Your donation will provide:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shoes
  • Medicine
  • Mattresses
  • Blankets and Bed Covers
  • Stove Tops
  • Personal Hygiene Products

“These families come with absolutely nothing. They do not own anything and most of them have no where to stay the night. They are tired and weary, but they smile because they know now they are safe.  We believe that it is our responsibility as a united family in Christ to welcome them and provide them with what they need.”

– Our Strategic Partner in Refugee Camps

Will you partner with us and support persecuted Christian who have been able to escape the horrific violence?  Please note this is a specific request from our Christian allies in the Middle East to aid Christian refugees.  Gleaning For The World works with dedicated partners who aid Christian, Yazidis and moderate Muslim families.  We provide hope to all who are suffering.