For The Desk Of Ron Davidson

Update from our Founder and President

From the Desk Of Ron Davidson

I grew up on a 200-acre farm near Lynchburg, Virginia where my Christian parents taught us to share what we raised with the people in our community who did not have adequate food. It was an innocent time where doing good unto others was expected, and even though we heard stories that people were hungry in foreign countries, it was never part of our daily experience. It was a great life and I thank God we had parents that taught us how to live and how to share with others around us.

Fast forward to 1998. When I started Gleaning For The World to help the poor, I never dreamed it would evolve to become a major outreach ministry to people who suffer as a result of storms and man-made disasters. Yet, today, Gleaning responds to every major disaster worldwide with life-saving supplies.

I also never dreamed that there would come a time when radical groups like ISIS would create over 6.7 million refuges that have been forced to flee for their lives. As you may know, ISIS is responsible now for more than a million deaths of moderate Muslims, Christians and innocent people.

I could not conceive those many years ago that this type of radical Muslim army would have such influence — encouraging mentally ill people to take up arms and cause harm. We saw it recently in Orlando, FL as a lone gunman killed 52 people and injured another 53 individuals. There have been seven major shootings in the United States this year, and over 900 radical Muslim followers are being investigated by the FBI in our own country.

The war with ISIS is only beginning. Their leaders have stated that the goal is to destroy Christianity, moderate Muslims and anyone who disagrees with their “religious principles.” We will see millions of innocent people die before this war is over.

As I have shared before, we are providing help to the refugees in Europe, Iraq, Jordan, Northern Turkey and other places. These people are innocent, but the daily danger is so intense that one mother walked with her three children over 1,400 miles to give the children a chance to live.

The world has dramatically changed since I grew up on the farm. It has continued to change since I started this ministry. The world is a dangerous place and getting worse each year. Through it all, God has been sufficient and we have already placed as many tractor-trailer shipments of supplies in the first six months of 2016 as we did in all of 2015.

As faith-based believers, we will do anything we can to support the victims of the ISIS campaign. If we don’t, then who will?

We will support our veterans who are homeless or affected by the battles in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 76,000 are homeless and many more suffer mental anguish and need our help.

We will feed the children across our nation who are hungry and need food. We will support the victims of natural disasters who suffer the loss of their homes. We will do everything possible to help any person who suffers during these tragic times.

No matter the sacrifice, we will continue to care and we will never give up.

Currently, we are in a five-year strategic plan to expand Gleaning – allowing us to reach three times the number of people we help today. As you can read in our online Annual Report, in 2015 we shipped 121 tractor-trailer loads of supplies. This year, we will exceed 200 shipments. In the next two years, we hope to reach 350-400 shipments.

Why??? Because people are suffering — they need the supplies and love Gleaning provides. The reality is we can only do what we can afford. That is why we write you monthly to let you know what we are doing. Your donation makes it possible for us to do what many consider impossible. Without you we could never dream of facing the tough times.

Is your financial partnership important? You better believe it!

You are important to the ISIS refugees. You are important to the children who are hungry. You are important to the elderly who choose between food and medicine. Your donation is important to the orphans who need job training to make a living. It is important to anyone who suffers.

You are the one who helps us help the people who have no hope. Through your financial donations, we become your arms, legs and hope that is offered to the least of these.

Never underestimate the work we can do through God’s grace when we do it together.