Helping Impoverished Families Earn A Living

Earning a living helps restore dignity and gives families a future independent of humanitarian assistance.

Lifted Out Of Poverty

What good can 148,500 candles do for impoverished families in a Central American community?  At first glance, you might think they provide light to communities which do not have electricity.  That’s what most people think.  However, these candles offer so much more!

When this gift of 148,500 candles came to Gleaning For The World, we received special permission to use these candles to help families create their own small businesses.  Basically, we package the candles and ship them to Central America.  The families take the wax from the damaged candles, melt them down and remold them into sellable candles in their local communities – creating a source of income.

This wax creates jobs.  It creates new income.  It restores individual pride of workmanship.  It helps families learn how to practically earn money for their family’s needs.

The wax recycling from this specific project will help lift more than 100 families out of poverty and into the middle class.