A Year After The Nepal Earthquake

Do you know the impact you had on the lives of those impacted by the Nepal Earthquake?

Nepal One Year Later

A little over a year ago, Nepal was devastated by massive earthquakes.  It left more than 8,000 dead and 21,000 injured.  We were able to respond immediately through our partners in the region.  Our partner churches were establishing tent cities and bringing families into the church for shelter.  They were providing tents, food, water and comfort.

What has been your impact through Gleaning For The World?

Feeding The Masses


In the Lalitpur district of Nepal, families were in a desperate need of food.  The supplies were getting dangerously low, and they did not know if they were going to be able to get more quickly.

When our partners arrived, word spread quickly.  Local pastors invited our humanitarian partners into the local church to use it as their base of operations.

With their help, they established the church as the place in Lalitpur where families could come and get food and compassion.  The non-Christian leaders of the community were so thankful they commended the pastors and our partners for their help in their community.

By the end of the trip, you enabled our partners to help feed 217 families for weeks.

Pots for an Entire Village

potsIn Jharlang, a community in the epicenter of the earthquake,  our humanitarian partners talked with community leaders.  They had nothing, families had a little rice and lentils.   Most, however not even a pot to cook their food.  Hundreds of families were sharing one pot to cook all of their meals.

Hearing this our partners put together an entire truckload of cooking pots and pans to take to Jharlang.  With just a few miles left in their trip, the road became impassable because of the damage to the roads.  Instead of turning around, our partners unloaded the truck on the road and carried them to Jharlang by hand.

By the end of the day, exhausted from the walk and distribution, they were able to give 415 families in Jharlang their own cooking pots.

Building an Orphanage

orphanThe photo is the frame for a house that is now used as an orphanage that in now operation in Nepal.  Your donations have made its construction possible.  It is located in a region that was hit particularly hard.  It now houses six children who lost their families during the earthquake.  It is run and operated by the local church.  As they continue their expansion, they will be able to accept sixteen local orphaned children.

Supporting Medical Missions

medicalYour donations funded medical trips to help impoverished families in the rural communities.  The American staff fund raised for their travels to the community, while Gleaning For The World was able to provide the resources for them to complete their mission.  Your donations provided the medications and equipment needed to treat their many patients.

These are just a few examples of what has been done because of your dedicated support.  We were able to reach thousands with critical relief. Thank you for supporting our efforts to alleviate suffering!