Nutrition and Supplements

Government restrictions on any food transported into countries are very strict. This restriction makes providing food in these countries more difficult. As a result, the most basic supplies are the most practical for outside groups to provide.  What we are able to supply are nutritional aids, rich in vitamins and protein, to help supplement the limited food these refugees are able to receive.

Medical Supplies

Many of these refugees have sustained injuries on their journey to their new home and sanctuary. Many have been forced to leave their homes suddenly, so those with chronic illnesses are not able to properly prepare for their new life on the run.  The medical facilities in the camps are under-supplied and over-crowded.  Getting proper care for injuries and illnesses is extremely difficult.  Medicines and OTC’s(Over-The-Counter) are in short supply.  We have been able to provide needed OTC’s and basic medicine to help treat chronic illness, infections and injuries. 

Hygiene Supplies

Meeting the basic needs of people means helping them maintain basic hygiene products.  Soap, shampoos and other items are basic necessities that refugees are not able to bring with them.  These are items that help prevent viral, fungus, parasite and bacterial infections.  These camps are overcrowded.  When people are held this close together outbreaks are common and difficult to contain once they have started.  Basic hygiene supplies are items that help prevent outbreaks.


Refugees arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back.  They have no clothes.  These camps are dirty and refugees are exposed to harsh and extreme conditions.  With no additional clothing refugees are unable to protect themselves.  We provide clothes for thousands of refugees.