A Global Outbreak:

The Coronavirus

We’re sending masks and protective wear to those in need, and we need your help! 


Helping Contain The Coronavirus

There are approximately 47,000 known cases of the Coronavirus. Nearly 1,400 people have died from this fast-acting mega-germ. At last count, cases of the Coronavirus, which is now known as COVID19, has spread to 24 different countries and is now a real global health threat. When an outbreak of this magnitude occurs, it is terrifying for many, many people.

China has placed millions of people on lockdown in hopes to contain the Coronavirus. Many forms of international travel have been banned while this outbreak continues, and China’s residents are urged to stay home.

Gleaning has partners all over that world… and that includes China! Because of the Coronavirus, China has a mask shortage, and we are committed to help. We have already sent out 1,500 surgical masks with one of our U.S. partners who have partners in China, and we’re working to send thousands more.

We’re not collecting masks. We have masks we can send… and protective surgical coveralls. We’re asking for your help in raising the funds to send these desperately needed items to help families and individuals in China who are fearing for their health…

…and their lives.

 You can help! Please donate now to help stop the spread of this disease. Your donation could literally save someone’s life…

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A little inside info…

One of our U.S. partners shared with us about his communication with friends and partners in China. He told our Gleaning staff that his partners shared with him how fearful they were to leave their homes.

Though many cities are on lockdown, some people are still required to go to work. These people have been told to wear a mask when they leave their home, and to dispose of the mask at the day’s end, in case it was contaminated. This is resulting in a mask shortage. 

Our partner shared with us about how, when he told his contacts in China that we were able to send masks, they wept. 

Can you imagine how you might feel in this situation? Please help today. Click here to donate.


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