A Global Outbreak:

The Coronavirus

We’re sending masks and protective wear to those in need, and we need your help! 


The Coronavirus Pandemic

 Updated 4/6/20: There are over 1.2 million confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. More than 67,000 people have died from this fast-acting mega-germ. At last count, cases of the Coronavirus, which is now known as COVID19, has spread to over 200 different [countries, areas, or territories]. When an outbreak of this magnitude occurs, it is terrifying for many, many people.

Schools have closed. Businesses have closed. Public events have been canceled. The United States is in a declared National Emergency. We have already distributed masks internationally, nationally, and locally to help battle the spread of this virus.

We are now making masks made of 100% cotton material and elastic. We are inviting anyone who can sew to participate. Click here to learn more. 

Please donate now towards this effort to help stop the spread of this virus. Your donation could literally save someone’s life…

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