Gleaning For The World Reaches Across More Than 20 States To Help Those In Need.

When there is a crisis in the United States, we provide assistance.  That assistance includes disaster relief, stocking food banks, blankets to the homeless and much more.  Our efficient operating model allows us to get relief to organizations at an incredibly low cost.  Combining our supplies and donations, we are able to help local and national non-profits distribute the supplies at a much lower cost.

Disaster Relief

Relief to Vicitms of Natural and Man-Made Disasters

Gleaning For The World responds to major disasters all over the world. Disasters require immediate response. Often times, communities are unprepared to respond to these tragic events. That is where we come in. Gleaning For The World provides coordination and relief to families impacted by natural disasters. 

We are often one the first one the ground and are providing aid within only a few hours of the disaster to nearly anywhere in the America.  We provide food, water, cleaning supplies, personal care items and building supplies to families who have lost everything.

We work with emergency shelters to provide critical items need to keep families comfortable and fed while they wait to get stable housing. 

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It means everything. It’s touching. Excuse me, I get kind of choked up. It just means everything. You don’t have time to stop and go get a hamburger, you just have to keep going. So it means a lot to us. They’re [Gleaning donors] outstanding. It is just amazing how much can be accomplished when we all get together and we do appreciate it.

Lyndall Miles, Recieved Aid From Gleaning During Moore, OK Tornado

Feeding American Families

More Than 1,000,000 Meals Distributed annually.

Across rural and urban America there are places where families do not have access to healthy food (food deserts).  These families rely on fast and zero-nutrition “junk” food.  There are 23.5 Million people currently living in these conditions.  Gleaning is committed to helping underprivileged families access consistent, healthy food.  Food banks and pantries are vital and efficient resources to help needy families. 


Annually, we place more than 1,000,000 meals worth of healthy fruits and vegetables in food banks and food pantries to provide healthy options for underprivileged families.


There are individuals to need food and are unable to store or refrigerate them.  These are typically homeless individuals who do not reside in a shelter.  We provide more than 140,000 Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MREs).  These MRE’s are enough calories to sustain an individual for an entire day.


We provide hundreds of thousands of pounds of canned and long shelf life food.  We consistently place these in underprivileged communities.


Helping the Homeless

Getting Help to Those with Nothing

Often the first step to helping someone on the streets get help is a caring hand with something to show them that their are people who care.  We provide homeless outreach with food and blankets to help homeless men, women and children (yes, children) come off the streets and into a program to get them back on their feet.

Gleaning For The World delivers more than 100,000 blankets to homeless individuals every year.  These blankets provide warmth and comfort for those who are fighting for their very survival.  Many on the streets face horrible situations every day, including freezing temperatures, violence, sexual assault and theft.  These simple, low-cost blankets provide a comfort to those who have no hope.

Many of the homeless that we encounter are people who have fallen on hard times.  Many are veterans, many are mentally ill and cannot afford medication. We can make a difference in these men, women and children’s lives long enough for them to get the help they need to pull themselves out of this painful situation.

These blankets are such a Godsend, the quality, the thickness, the size of them you can’t really describe it. We have had people donate blankets before, but often they are little fleece blankets and wouldn’t keep me warm on my sofa let alone being out in the wind. These blankets that Gleaning For The World is providing are such a tremendous help to the people out there. It’s hard to imagine doing this program without them. It just wouldn’t happen.

Kel Long, III, Co-founder, Three-Oh-We-Go, Atlanta

Veteran Aid

Getting help to service men and women

It’s hard to know who to trust when trying to help the American veterans.  So many of them have been listed as the least efficient charities and spend much more money on marketing than on helping our service men and women.  That is why we have a small group of organizations that we work closely with.  We provide resources and supplies to these organizations so they can help those injured men and women who fought so hard for us.

We also work closely with our local VA hospital.  Several times each year, we deliver creature comforts to those recovering and rehabbing at the facilities. 

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