Disaster Relief


Responding to disasters.

Whenever disaster strikes, Gleaning For The World responds by delivering help and hope to individuals and families who are in the midst of facing one of the most traumatic and life-changing events of their lives.

Disasters like hurricanes, tornados, flooding and fires can devastate entire communities, and it can take months or years to recover.

Gleaning steps in immediately to provide disaster relief supplies for those staying in emergency shelters in the moments and days after the disaster has occurred. 

Then, we continue to walk beside residents in the aftermath for several months to ensure we do whatever we can to help them piece their homes and their lives back together.

How we do it.

Now, with over 20 years of disaster relief experience, Gleaning For The World has partnered with churches and emergency shelters all across the United States and with missionaries around the world. Our network of partners willing to help in times of crisis is incredible!

We collect supplies from corporations and individual donors. In fact, we keep a supply large enough to fill a truckload on hand in our warehouse so when disaster strikes we are able to respond immediately.

Then, we host collections throughout our local community in the Lynchburg, Virginia region. These collections ensure we are able to send more help over the following weeks. We also receive large quantities of home building supplies, which are sent in the weeks and months following the disaster, to help those in the rebuilding process.

With the help of our financial donors who help cover the expense of shipping these much-needed goods, we’re able to help those needing a hand up in times of crisis.

Recent Relief Efforts

Tropical Storm Barry 

Tropical Storm Barry left 120,000 homes without power across Louisiana and into Arkansas. 

Tropical Storm Barry threatened Louisiana’s coast for days before it finally hit land, in mid-July. Just before hitting Louisiana, the storm strengthened in the Gulf and grew into a Category 1 Hurricane. However, by the time it struck land, it was once again categorized as a Tropical Storm. 
Louisiana residents have already been dealing with flooded areas due to overflow water spreading from the Mississippi River. Louisiana is known for its low-lying areas — many of which are below sea level. When the rains from Barry fell, the flooded areas grew exponentially. We were able to send supplies to help those staying in shelters and to local residents who homes were without power. 

Midwest Flooding 

In March 2019, historic flooding across Midwest states left Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin in declared states of emergency while Iowa and Kansas were also left with significant devastation across the states. Families were displaced from their homes, farmer’s crops were ruined and their livestock drowned. Damage estimates are in the millions. Nebraska’s governor Pete Ricketts referred to this flooding as “…the most widespread disaster in our state’s history.”

Gleaning responded immediately by providing two tractor trailer loads of emergency blankets at the request of our partners in Omaha, Nebraska. We held a collection where the public donated emergency and shelter supplies, and we were able to help families and individuals in meeting their basic needs while facing the tragedy of this historic Flood.

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael has been named the third largest hurricane, ever, to hit the United States’ mainland.

For days, the storm moved slowly across the Atlantic in October 2018, gaining momentum. This monstrous Category 5 storm hit land along the gulf coast, devastating Mexico Beach, Florida. This slow-moving storm weakened after hitting land, and then it gained strength once again as a Category 3 hurricane by the time it reached Georgia.  Hurricane Michael eventually passed through the Carolinas, reaching Virginia with its outer bands.

Gleaning responded by sending six tractor trailer loads of supplies, with a total value of $411,072 in 2018. So far in 2019, half a million dollars’ worth of construction and rebuilding supplies left our warehouse and headed south to help those who were rebuilding their homes and their lives. Today, the rebuilding process is still ongoing.

Hurricane Florence

Even though this hurricane was a Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale while it was over the Atlantic, by the time it hit the coast of North Carolina it had downgraded to a Category 1 storm. Though the storm had weakened, the winds caused major turmoil by uprooting many trees, which caused power outages for hundreds of thousands of people. Florence also brought a large storm surge not only among coastal towns, but moving inland as well. Florence left many homes under water for weeks and months, and once the water receded, the smells of dead fish and rotting wood filled the air. The Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, and Maryland declared states of emergency because of the effects of Hurricane Florence.

Gleaning responded by providing nine tractor trailer loads of supplies, valued at 382,210 in 2018, and our response continues in 2019.

Past Relief Efforts

Caribbean Response

Having weathered two major hurricanes, Irma and Maria, residents of the Caribbean Islands hang on as conditions worsen.

Joining Foster Fuels and similar organizations, Gleaning has sent multiple shipments of relief supplies by air and sea to various Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Antigua, and Dominica.

We are continuing to provide relief in the form of drinking water, personal hygiene kits, generators, non-perishable food items, and baby supplies to the islands that have been completely devastated by Irma and Maria.

The need is overwhelming as many have been left without running water and power.

Puerto Rico Relief

Hurricane Irma

Two weeks after Hurricane Harvey devastated coastal towns in Texas, Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, struck Florida leaving 15 million without power.  Again at the ready, Gleaning was able to anticipate the storm’s path and position relief supplies in hard-hit areas before the storm even arrived.

This powerful storm made landfall in the United States mainland with sustained winds in excess of 140 mph and destroyed many Caribbean islands as a Category 5 hurricane.

In anticipation of Irma’s strike, Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for all 67 Florida counties, stating: “Hurricane Irma poses a severe threate to the entire state of Florida, and requires that timely precautions are taken to protect the communities, critical infrastructure, and general welfare of this State.”

Florida Relief

Hurricane Harvey Overwhelms Houston

Gleaning For The World provides Hurricane Harvey humanitarian relief.  Tractor-trailers full of drinking water, bedding, toiletries, bleach, rebuilding supplies, pet food, stuffed animals, and more have been sent to the region.

Rising flood waters and unrelenting rainfall have overwhelmed America’s 4th largest city – Houston.  With multiple fatalities, tens of thousands in temporary shelters, and many still without power, this storm is estimated to cause 180 billion dollars worth of damage.

Continuing to intensify all the way to landfall, this monster storm slammed into the Texas Coast as a Category 4 hurricane.  With sustained winds of up to 130 mph, Harvey was the strongest storm to hit Texas since 1961.

Texas Relief

Tornado Outbreak in the Southeast

“Yes… send it all.”

That is the response we received from our partners on the ground in Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Many familiar lost everything in an instant when tornadoes destroyed homes across the southeastern United States.  We provided immediate relief.

Out disaster relief director was on the ground in Albany to coordinate relief efforts and assess ongoing needs.  We sent 125,000 bottles of drinking water and 4,100 blankets to impacted families.  Our partners, working with the local churches and fire departments, are able to reach these communities with immeditate relief supplies.

One of the large tornadoes hit the eastern part of New Orleans, one of the communities severely damaged during Hurrican Katrina.  More than 17,000 were left with no electricity.  We were able to provide an immediate 48,000 bottles of clean drinking water to help hurting families.

Mississippi Relief

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