On The Ground in 24 Hours

Gleaning For The World responds to major disasters all over the world.

As one of the first organizations on the ground to distribute relief, we react to crises immediately. Survivors are often cut off from food, water and supplies to manage the clean-up effort. That is where we come in. Gleaning For The World provides needed relief immediately for devastated families with incredible efficiency. Whatever it takes, wherever it is needed…we are there!



Having weathered two major hurricanes, Irma and Maria, residents of the Caribbean Islands hang on as conditions worsen.

Joining Foster Fuels and similar organizations, Gleaning has sent multiple shipments of relief supplies by air and sea to various Caribbean islands including: Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Antigua and Dominica.

We are continuing to provide relief in the form of drinking water, personal hygiene kits, generators, non-perishable food items and baby supplies to the islands that have been completely devastated by Irma and Maria.

The need is overwhelming as many have been left without running water and power.


Two weeks after Hurricane Harvey devastated coastal towns in Texas, Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, struck Florida leaving  15 million without power.  Again at the ready, Gleaning was able to anticpate the storm’s path and position relief supplies in hard-hit areas before the storm even arrived! 

This powerful storm made landfall in the United States mainland with sustained winds in excess of 140 mph and destroyed many Caribbean islands as a Category 5 hurricane. 

In anticipation of Irma’s strike, Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for all 67 Florida counties stating: “Hurricane Irma poses a severe threat to the entire State of Florida, and requires that timely precautions are taken to protect the communities, critical infrastructure, and general welfare of this State.”


Gleaning For The World provides Hurricane Harvey humanitarian relief.  Tractor-trailers full of:  drinking water, bedding, toiletries, bleach, rebuilding supplies, pet food, stuffed animals and more have been sent to the region.

Rising flood waters and unrelenting rainfall have overwhelmed America’s 4th largest city – Houston. With multiple fatalities, tens of thousands in temporary shelters and many still without power, this storm is estimated to cause 180 billion dollars worth of damage.

Continuing to intensify all the way to landfall, this monster storm slammed into the Texas Coast as a Category 4 hurricane. With sustained winds of up to 130 mph, Harvey was the strongest storm to hit Texas since 1961. 

Tornado Outbreak In The Southeast

“Yes…send it all.”

That is the response we received from our partners on the ground in Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana.  Many families lost everything in an instant when tornadoes destroyed homes across the southeastern United States.  We provided immediate relief.

Our disaster relief director was on the ground in Albany to coordinate relief efforts and assess ongoing needs.  We sent 125,000 bottles of drinking water and 4,100 blankets to impacted families.  Our partners, working with the local churches and fire departments, are able to reach these communities with immediate relief supplies.


We are provided an immediate 48,000 bottles of clean, drinking water to help hurting families.

One of the large tornadoes hit the eastern part of New Orleans, one of the communities severely damaged during Hurricane Katrina.  More than 17,000 were left with no electricity.

Lousiana Record Breaking Flood

Catastrophic! Once in a Thousand Years! Historic!

These are the words used to describe the unprecedented level of flooding which hit Louisiana in mid-August. In just under a week, this storm dumped 7.1 trillion gallons of water on the Baton Rouge area. To put this into scale, Smith Mountain Lake is a large recreational lake in Central Virginia with more than 500 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 55 feet. The amount of rain which fell on the Baton Rouge area could drain and fill this lake every single day for nineteen days. The impact on the community was devastating.

Rivers burst out of their banks, levee after levee breached and nearly one out of every three structures in some areas were flooded. More than 146,000 people were impacted by the overwhelming amount of flooding. The result – $15 Billion is damage. Lives were tragically lost. Homes were ruined. Destroyed furniture lined the streets for miles. We immediately sprung into action. Within hours, our disaster relief efforts were underway. Families cleaning out the wreckage in 93 degree heat with overwhelming humidity, were met with hundreds of thousands of bottles of clean drinking water provided by Gleaning. We sent food and personal care items (deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc). As the recovery efforts progressed, we connected families with construction supplies and tools for rebuilding efforts.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was the first Category 5 Hurricane to form in the Atlantic in nearly ten years. This storm had sustained winds of 160 mph, and when it hit Haiti, the poorest country in the world, the results were devastating.

The hurricane dumped between 15 and 40 inches of rain on the poorest region of Haiti. This caused widespread and overwhelming flooding on the western part of the island. Infrastructure (roads and bridges) was destroyed and washed away, leaving families cut off from the rest of the country and from humanitarian relief. An estimated 350,000 of the Haitian people were impacted. We coordinated with our long-term partners to provide 500,000 hot meals to impacted families. Additionally, we provided 25,000
pounds of condensed milk for hungry children.

When Hurricane Matthew made landfall in America, the flooding and damage started in Florida and quickly traveled up the coast into North Carolina. The damaging rain and high winds knocked out electricity to hundreds of thousands of people. The rain caused massive week-long flooding in North Carolina. We provided food, water, generators, cleaning supplies, shovels, axes, chainsaws and protective wear to assist in the lengthy clean up.

Gatlinburg, TN Wildfire

The fire that tore through the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee was the deadliest fire in the eastern United States since 1947. It tragically claimed the lives of fourteen people, destroyed more than 2,500 buildings and burned nearly 18,000 square miles of beautiful forestry.

This section of America is a very popular tourist area. When the fire began to spread, it produced a lot of confusion for both residents and tourists. State officials were unclear on the number of families actually in the path of the fire. And, as an example, one woman we met didn’t own a car, and as the fire approached her home she did not have a way to evacuate.

Fortunately, a group of tourists had gotten turned around in the smoke and came upon her property by accident as they were looking for a way out. She was able to get a ride with them to safety. Tragically, this woman lost her home and all her possessions in this wildfire.

We provided nearly $70,000 worth of food, water, pet food, cleaning supplies, personal care items and other urgently-needed humanitarian relief supplies to assist our fellow Americans suffering in this disaster.

Flint Water Crisis

It all started when the city of Flint, MI switched off the Detroit water supply and tapped into the Flint River. The city’s pipes were not fully tested and the polluted water from the river reacted by corroding the pipes.

The result? The contaminated water poisoned the city’s water supply with toxic levels of lead.

Residents began to complain about the taste of the water, but nothing was tested until 18 months later. By then, irreversible damage had occurred. Thousands of children were exposed to lead poisoning and a spike in Legionnaires disease caused the death of ten children. At that point, residents were told not to drink the water. However, there wasn’t state funding to provide a clean water replacement.

The situation turned desperate. The state was not providing bottled drinking water and retail stores throughout the region were sold out of clean water. In response, Gleaning For The World coordinated with our partners in Flint to begin supplying clean drinking water. We provided 130,000 bottles of water for immediate distribution. Thousands of residents came out to our church partners to pick up a week’s worth of water. This was drinking water that the residents of this town needed, and was unavailable through other resources. This was a critical time for this community and we were able to help thousands of families in Flint.

Katrina Level Flooding Hits Texas

Gleaning For The World received multiple urgent requests to assist with the tragic flooding in the southeastern United States.

This storm hit hard — forcing the National Guard to rescue 3,300 stranded people in dangerous rising waters.  Nearly 6,000 families were evacuated and are currently living in temporary shelters.  According to Emergency Management, the flooding caused rivers to rise a shocking six feet above normal.  This shut down major interstates, while swallowing entire communities.

As the flood waters receded enough to allow access to devastated communities, our disaster relief coordinator was in Texas managing relief efforts.We were able to provide four shipments of relief supplies and coordinated the delivering of several shipments of construction materials to assist with the rebuilding process.

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