Empowering Rwandan Women

A missions trip to help the women of Rwanda build a future.

Empowering Rwandan Women

In Rwanda, discussing feminine hygiene is taboo. This leaves young women unaware and confused about what is happening to their bodies. Nearly 20% of young women in Rwanda miss school each month because of their monthly cycle, making it harder to complete their education. A monthly supply of disposable products cost more than what most employed women make in two days.

Women are often the sole bread winner, forcing them to choose between feeding their family or buying hygiene products. As a result, most women resort to unsanitary practices.

Gleaning For The World led a team to Rwanda to minister to these young women through health and hygiene programs utilizing our WINGS program.  Our WINGS program provides women with sustainable feminine hygiene kits.

Each kit is designed to last a woman three years or longer.  The team provided 170 women with a WINGS kit. The kits will make a tremendous impact on these young women’s lives.

Each kit will save a young woman enough money for all of the following:

  • Purchase Annual Health Insurance
  • Pay For Annual School Tuition
  • Provide Her Family With A Farm Animal


At each distribution the women were incredibly grateful.  At one distribution in particular, a young woman raised her hand and said, “This kit is great. Next time you come, could you teach us to make them?” Danielle Sarchet, the team leader, smiled and responded, “Yes.”

Earlier in the week, the team had provided 10 sewing machines with supplies to another group of women in northern Rwanda. This was set up to teach the women a job skill and to help them start their own business. These women are not looking for a hand-out, but a hand-up. They want to be self-sufficient.

Your support is making that possible.