Faithful Grounds Coffee Bar

These incredible young ladies opened a coffee bar to support Gleaning.
two girls open a coffee bar at their church

Faithful Grounds Coffee Bar

A few weeks ago, we received a note that really caught our attention.  The note read:

“Our daughter had a coffee bar at our church selling coffee and hot chocolate at worship services and raised this money.” – Faithful Grounds Coffee Bar.

Our staff reads each comment that comes with donations, and this was one we hadn’t seen before. So we contacted Bev (the lady who made the donation) to ask for a few details about what Faithful Grounds Coffee Bar was doing.  She explained that her daughter, Gracie, and friend, Lindsay, came up with the idea to sell coffee to parishioners at their church before Sunday School to benefit Gleaning For The World.

We wanted to take a moment to share with you a brief video about what these incredible young ladies are doing to support Gleaning For The World.

We are grateful for Gracie and Lindsay’s support of our mission.  What a creative way impact lives!