Haiti in Crisis

Gleaning For The World has provided humanitarian aid to Haiti for over 15 years through partners dedicated to improving the livelihood of all Haitians. We consider our work there an important part of our ongoing commitment to fulfill Gleaning’s mission to share God’s love with those facing poverty and devastation.

Haiti is repeatedly listed as the poorest country in the Americas, according to World Bank. Natural disasters have caused major destruction; you may remember the devastating earthquake in 2010 which measured 7.0 on the Richtor Scale and which killed over 220,000 people while also displacing over 300,000 individuals from their homes. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew blasted Haiti with 150 mph winds as a Category 5 storm, pounding rain throughout the region, destroying homes and leaving nearly 200,000 people in emergency shelters.

Today, Haitians find themselves amidst another crisis.

Earlier this month, many citizens of Haiti began protest demonstrations against their government in response to allegations of the government’s corruption, misuse of money, and lack of prosecution of corrupt officials. American missionaries are fleeing the country and the U.S. Government has issued a level 4 travel advisory, warning people “do not travel” to Haiti.

People are being robbed in the streets. Vehicles have been damaged and burned. Fires and barricades have been set up, making roads impassable. Businesses are being destroyed, making food, water, and fuel nearly impossible to obtain. Innocent people are being killed. The death toll from these riots remains unknown.

Gleaning For The World has been in contact with our Haitian partners and will be sending 2 shipping containers of bottled water next week. Additional supplies are being prepared now and will be shipped soon to help these innocent victims who are living among violent chaos in Haiti.

We need your help. Will you donate today to help us raise the money needed to ship these life-saving supplies to Haiti?

In a time when governments are warning people against entering Haiti, we’re able to ship supplies to our partners who are already there helping people every day.

We have this opportunity to help. Will you partner with us to ship these items to those facing life-threatening circumstances in Haiti? Can you donate today?