Touching Lives Of Those Impacted By Disasters

How your generosity helps those impacted in natural disasters.

Touching Lives Of Those Impacted By Disasters

In places like Louisiana, where floodwaters are forcing 40,000 families from their homes, your support helps provide food and water to suffering families,  blankets and personal care items to shelters housing the displaced, and supplies to the affected families so they can get back on their feet after the disaster.  There are so many in need.

In a natural disaster, every donation is turned into supplies which make an impact on peoples’ lives. Just before the flooding in Louisiana, West Virginia faced similar record flooding.  Robert Peters’ family of White Sulfur Springs, WV was just one of many of the hurting families to whom we provided aid.  He asked that we share with you how your support of Gleaning For The World made an enormous impact on his family!

Robert’s mother-in-law didn’t realize how bad the flooding was until she saw that her street was completely submerged.  Luckily, she was able to escape before the roads became impassable.  Their family kept together for days, as they waited for the rain to stop and flood waters to recede enough to return to their home.  When they finally returned, they discovered that the ground level had been in several feet of water and was in ruin.  Floors were destroyed, water had torn away at the walls and the electrical system was fried.  His mother-in-law had flood insurance and that covered the rest of the mortgage, however, it ended up leaving them nothing for repairs.  They were devastated.  Making matters much worse, they received news that Robert’s sister-in-law was in the hospital and, due to a lifelong chronic illness, needs a lung transplant.  They immediately rushed to her side for several days.  The surgery would be expensive.  To help pay for it Robert’s mother-in-law knew she was going to have to take out a mortgage on her home.  This left them with no money for repairs, but the choice was obvious.

When Robert returned to the home, it was in had deteriorated further.  He knew they needed help.  He contacted friends and learned about the construction materials we were placing in White Sulfur Springs.  Working with Roy St. John, our disaster coordinator, we were able to help Robert get enough construction supplies to replace all of the floors and walls in his mother-in-law’s house.  He and his friends are doing the construction and repairs, and the only thing he is having to pay for is a certified electrician.  In the end, a mortgage wasn’t needed to start the repairs on their home because Gleaning For The World was able to provide him with enough supplies to save his family roughly $33,000.   Robert’s family wasn’t alone, dozens of families just like Robert’s were able to get similar supplies.

Robert was so thankful that he drove several hours to our office in Virginia so he could personally thank Gleaning For The World for their help.  Robert now has what he needs to rebuild their lives because of the generosity of our supporters. Your generosity is changing lives forever.