Helping Persecuted Christians

Partner with us to help persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria

Helping Persecuted Christians

One thing so often overlooked in the war in Iraq and Syria is the treatment of Christians.  Before the war, Christians were a protected minority in Syria.  Now they are a targeted by terrorists who want to eliminate followers of Christ.

There are more than one million Christians in Iraq and Syria who face oppression and violence on a daily basis. 

Tens of thousands have fled to the protection of refugee camps, where we and our partners can reach them.  They are connected to the church and other Christian families for support.  We provide the basic necessities of life, food, water and clothing as they begin their new life in the camps.

We would like to tell you the story of one young Christian our partners have been working with.

His Name Is Ahmed

Two years ago, Ahmed and his mother became Christians.  Ahmed is thirteen and he is the provider in his home.  Ahmed’s mother is blind from years of abuse by her husband.  Each morning he gets up and goes to work, where many refugees earn less than $1 per day and face abuse.  Ahmed himself has been attacked multiple times at work.

Each day is a risk for him. There are always people looking to kidnap or exploit people like them.  Human traffickers are abound.  Children are stolen for organ harvesting, many are sold as slaves and others are forced to join ISIS.

He does not attend school.  In these countries, your identification card lists you as the religion of your birth.  If Ahmed went to school he would be forced to study the Qur’an.  One of the children about Ahmed’s age expressed her conflict over this:

I am a believing Christian, but my ID says I am Muslim. When I go to school, I wear Islamic attire and learn Islamic religion. I am living in two characters. It is my wish to live like my other Christian brothers and sisters… I want to be free… I love you, Lord Jesus.”

We are meeting the need of many who are suffering for their faith.  Will you partner with us to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East?