For The World 

How we do it.

Now, with over 20 years of disaster relief experience, Gleaning For The World has partnered with churches and emergency shelters all across the United States and with missionaries around the world. Our network of partners willing to help in times of crisis is incredible!

We collect supplies from corporations and individual donors. In fact, we keep a supply large enough to fill a truckload on hand in our warehouse so when disaster strikes we are able to respond immediately.

Then, we host collections throughout our local community in the Lynchburg, Virginia region. These collections ensure we are able to send more help over the following weeks. We also receive large quantities of home building supplies, which are sent in the weeks and months following the disaster, to help those in the rebuilding process.

With the help of our financial donors who help cover the expense of shipping these much-needed goods, we’re able to help those needing a hand up in times of crisis.