International Aid 

Providing ongoing relief for people in crisis.

We provide positive solutions to families impacted by terrorism who are living in refugee camps.  We work with Christian, Yazidis, and moderate Muslims in Iraq and Syria who have fled the violence of the Islamic State, and we work in Nigeria with the tens of thousands who have fled Boko Haram.  In addition, we are partnering with Christian organizations inside the State of Israel to provide basic supplies.


Hostile discrimination against Jews in Europe is the highest it has been since the end of World War II.  We are working with our partners to help Jewish refugees impacted by the increased hate crimes.

Syria and Iraq

The Syrian civil war has persisted for six years, and over 450,000 have been killed in the ongoing violenge.  While we cannot stop the conflict, we can help the innocent people caught in the middle.


Boko Haram has been ranked as the deadliest terror group, surpassing even the brutality of ISIS.  We are providing the needed basic humanitarian supplies to the refugees fleeing for their lives.

Critical need for supplies.

Jews left France in 2017

as a result of open antisemitism and hostility.


of Jews returning to Israel

are well below the poverty line.

Refugees from Iraq and Syria

have fled to eastern Europe.

People have been killed

in the Syrian civil war.

Refugees across the Middle East

most of which are women and children.

Standing with Israel

Israel’s “law of return” states that every Jewish person can come to Israel and become a citizen. With the increase in hate crimes, many families are taking this opportunity.

While you may not see it on the news, there’s been a growing hostility toward Jews in both Europe and Africa.  Not since the break up of the Soviet Union in the 1980s has there been such a movement of the Jewish people back to Israel.  Many of them have escaped with only the clothes on their backs.  As a result of the refugee challenge, each family is starting in poverty, with few resources as they begin their new life. The state of Israel has brought them home and given them a place to live.  

This is creating a heavy burden on the State of Israel as they also have been assisting persecuted Christians who have fled from the brutality of ISIS.  They are also providing medical assistance to Syrian Refugees.  The need for food, clothing, housing assistance, furniture and basic everyday personal items is growing.

Right now, more than 1.9 billion people in the world hold antisemetic views, and incidents of this hate is increasing.  We are partnering with Christian organizations inside the State of Israel to provide basic supplies like food, water, and personal care items so these people can get back on their feet.

Aiding Syrian Refugees

The brutal war in Syria between the Rebels and the Assad government and the Islamic State’s violence towards everyone has created a tremendous refugee crisis.  There are now 6.6 million refugees across the Middle East.  The overwhelming number (nearly 65%) of these refugees are women and children.  They fled bombed out cities, violence from their government, and brutality from a terrorist army.  They gave up their homes and now live in overpopulated tent cities.  

The refugee camps are low on supplies.  In the Zaatari camp, there are more than 83,000 people living in tight quarters.  The population density rivals New York City, London, and other major metropolitan areas.  There is limited electricity.  During the summer, the heat becomes overwhelming with temperatures in the high 90’s to the low 100’s.  In the winter, the temperatures are in the low 40’s and below.  The tents these families live in have no insulation.  When it rains, the tents leak like a sieve.

We have been there since the beginning, alleviating suffering for hurting families.  Over 450,000 people have been killed in the ongoing violence.  While we cannot stop the violence, we can help the innocent people caught in the middle.  Join with us and be a part of a positive solution to this refugee crisis.

European flight.

More than 800,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria fled to eastern Europe when they opened the borders.  In the confusion, tens of thousands got essentially ‘bottle-necked” on their entrance.  They were stuck without food and water, with no place to sleep.

Europe opened its doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees and chaos ensued.  Our partners are building trust and working with refugees to help integrate these families into their host country’s society.

They have faced tremendous backlash upon arrival and many groups refused to work with them.  We began working with the only people really helping these families; missionaries and the church.  Our partners were in the fields helping the refugees.  They were able to provide food, water, coffee and more to tens of thousands of refugees.


Providing Relief in Nigeria

Boko Haram is an especially brutal and vicious terrorist organization that targets elementary schools, and particularly focused on brutalizing and torturing young girls.  Their trademark attack involves barricading exits to elementary schools, lighting them on fire and (as children escape out windows) then execute the survivors. Last year, these murderers slaughtered more than 10,000 civilians in their war on the Nigerian government. Their goal is to wipe out all traces of “Western influence.”  Even their name means “Western education is forbidden.”  Now having fully allied themselves with ISIS, they have declared all out war on the non-Muslim population of Nigeria.

Gleaning For The World is providing the needed, basic humanitarian supplies to help those fleeing for their lives.  Forced to rely on only basic food items, there is an extreme lack of nutrition.  We are providing the much needed food supplements and vitamins to help increase nutrition and health.  Victims who have escaped and made it to the refugee camps, suffer from burns, knife and bullet wounds.  We are providing medical and first aid relief to the refugee camps to help doctors treat and care for those who are injured and sick.

These monsters will continue to rape, kidnap and brutally kill the most vulnerable in society until they fulfill their goals.  The more stories that come out of these camps the more it damages Boko Haram’s ability to recruit.  You can be a part of a positive impact and save lives of those in desperate need.

With your help, we provide:

Nutrition and Supplements

We are able to supply nutritional aids, rich in vitamins and protein, to help supplement the limited food these refugees are able to receive.

Medical Supplies

The medical facilities in the camps are under-supplied and over-crowded, and getting proper care for injuries and illnesses is extremely difficult.  Medicines and OTC’s (Over-The-Counter) are in short supply.  We provide needed OTC’s and basic medicine to help treat chronic illness, infections, and injuries. 

Hygiene Supplies

Meeting the basic needs of people means helping them maintain basic hygiene products.  Soap, shampoos and other items are basic necessities that refugees are not able to bring with them.  These are items that help prevent viral, fungus, parasite and bacterial infections.  


Refugees arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back.  These camps are dirty and refugees are exposed to harsh and extreme conditions, and with no additional clothing, refugees are unable to protect themselves.  We provide clothes for thousands of refugees.

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