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Helping our neighbors in Central Virginia.

We’ve been able to help people in need all around the world, but we also understand that we have neighbors in our neck of the woods who need help as well. That’s why we’ve partnered up with over 30 area shelters and food pantries in central Virginia to distribute foods and supplies to those needing a hand up.

Did you know that many parts of Central Virginia are considered a food desert?

These are areas where families live a significant distance from a grocery store and have limited access to transportation.  This is especially common in city centers but also in rural areas as well.  Because of this, many children are not receiving the basics (food and milk) as a cornerstone of their diet.  Our neighbors in Lynchburg have one of the highest rates of people with low access to healthy food in Virginia, where approximately 1-in-4 people live in food deserts, and 18% have no idea where their next meal is coming from.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors 

Feeding Central Virginia’s students

We work with our partners to fill backpacks for children to pick up at school, so they can have a nutritious meal at home.

Because of our unique relationships,

we are able to provide more than thirty food pantries and shelters in Central Virginia with nonperishable foods. 

Food banks don’t normally receive healthy choices.

In 2018, we were able to distribute 36,000 pounds of fresh produce to food banks throughout the region.

When children are hungry,

 they cannot focus on school, present more behavioral issues and establish poor eating habits which last for the rest of their lives.

We keep local food banks stocked with healthy choices.

It is imperative that meals are nutritional. Therefore, we distribute foods with quality nutritional values to fuel bodies properly.

The impact on our local area.

“Our food pantry has been very grateful to Gleaning for the World for their generous donations of food, clothing, cleaning supplies, medicinal items and other miscellaneous goods. 

We were able to distribute very popular food items such as potatoes to over 750 families, consisting of over 1100 individuals in the summer… on several different occasions when potatoes are difficult to come by.  We also acted as a HUB with other large donations received from Gleaning for the World of protein bars, clothing, Rolaids and more potatoes.

Gleaning for the World has had a powerful effect on our food pantry’s budget.  We are an all-volunteer organization with a very limited budget of only $80,000.  With assistance from a generous organization such as Gleaning for the World, we’re able to compound that $80,000 into a retail value of $1.6 million dollars’ worth of food.

All of us are extremely grateful to Gleaning For The World for their generosity and kindness.  They have made a real impact of the impoverished people and areas we serve.”

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