From The Desk Of Ron Davidson

Update from Gleaning's President

There are many fellow Americans who need a miracle today.

Some people say miracles don’t happen today.  I wish they could spend a few days in my chair!!

I’ve spoken many times from Matthew 14:13 where Jesus was in the wilderness and the people gathered to hear him.  As the day grew late, the people were hungry and McDonalds was closed.  (I hope that made you smile. –haha–)

The disciples approached Jesus to see what He wanted them to do and He told them to feed the people.  The Scriptures tell us there were 5,000 men — not counting the women and children.  Many scholars believe there were approximately 25,000 people there in total.

How do you feed that many people?  Jesus did it because a little boy came to Him with a basket containing a few fish and loaves of bread.  Jesus blessed it and the disciples were able to feed all the people and still have 12 baskets of food left over!

No matter how you look at it, that was a miracle.

To me the most important part of that story is not the miracle that came from blessing the bread and fish.  It was that a young boy brought everything he had to Jesus and said, “You can have this.”

He gave all he had.  His best!

It amazes me the way children responded to Jesus, but this boy was the best. He gave away all he had so someone else could eat.

It seems simplistic to compare Gleaning to that boy, but that is who we are and what I have wanted Gleaning For The World to be every day.  This ministry has taken many twists and turns as we have responded to suffering families and tried to honor God with our work.

Through our efforts, I have seen God deliver miracles.  He has presented us with the opportunity…he has brought us kind people like yourself…and together, we have joined hand-in-hand to produce so much good.  I have seen those miracles take place in the U.S. and around the world.

We will continue to work with the millions of refugees in Syria, Jordan, Israel, Somalia, Egypt and Europe because of your generosity.  We have helped so many people living in horrible conditions.

We will continue to help those burdened by generations of poverty — providing shoes, clothing and food to children who otherwise have nothing.  Together, we have made a life-changing impact on many families in third world countries.

However, starting this month, we are expanding our humanitarian work to the homeless and people who face the hardship of poverty here in America.

I started Gleaning 19 years ago to reach these people and I want to take us back to our roots as we approach the 20th year of operation.  The outreach with clothes, food, personal care items, water and blankets will allow us to give these struggling Americans some hope for a future.

The elderly that must choose between medications, food, medical care and heat or A/C, will receive a hand-up from Gleaning.   People living under bridges will receive necessary clothing and food.  Children (56% nationwide) who do not know where their next meal will come from, will have food to eat.  The working poor will have supplies and food to supplement their labor so they can advance and obtain better jobs for their families.

There are many fellow Americans who need a miracle today.  We want to be God’s instrument for that blessing.

I’m excited to share with you that there was a dear lady in the last church I pastored who really had a heart of gold.  I learned recently that she had passed away.  It wasn’t long after that when we received a special gift from her estate in which she challenged each of us to give our best financially to the work of Gleaning.  I take that challenge to heart and I ask you to join me in it.

Normally, we are the most effective “investment” you can make in doing good.   For every $1 you donate, we can place $103 in food or clothing into an individual’s hands.  However, now, with Ruth’s commitment to Gleaning in life and death, we can match her gift with yours and actually double the number of people we can feed, clothe and encourage here in America.

Yes, it’s a God-provided miracle.

Please help us reach the working poor, the elderly and hungry children.  No one in America…no one in our community…no one who is working two jobs…should go hungry.

With God’s miracle working power, together we can change lives and make certain our neighbors do not go without adequate food.

Would you consider a gift today?  Every dollar counts.

Let’s meet Ruth’s challenge by giving our best today!

Your friend,


Ron Davidson