100% Cotton Masks Needed

We’re collecting cotton face masks. You can help.

Can you sew? Do you have extra fabric you can use? Is the fabric 100% cotton?

If you answered yes to the three questions above, would you be willing to donate your time and materials to help supply masks for medical providers and caretakers who have an immediate need, right now, for protective gear? Gleaning For The World is collecting masks made by individuals and distributing them to Centra Health facilities and other medical providers / caregivers in the Central Virginia region. Masks can be dropped off at Gleaning For The World, 7539 Stage Road in Concord, VA, or mailed to Gleaning For The World, PO Box 645 Concord, VA 24538. A Lynchburg drop off location is at the Dawson Inn, located at 2012 Tate Springs Road.  


How to make a mask: 

1) Use 100% cotton material. Cut into a 9.5″ by 15.5″ piece.

2) Fold the material in half, lengthwise, like a book. (So the two 9.5″ sides are touching.) Be sure that the “right side” of the material (the side you want to show) is on the inside of the fold.

3) Sew all of the edges, leaving an opening approximately two inches wide. Then, trim the outside corners.

4) Flip the material inside out, so the “right side” is now on the outside. Then, sew the small opening so that it is now closed.

5) Fold two horizontal pleats and pin them down and sew along the edges (see photo for example). At this point, the mask should measure approximately 4 inches from top to bottom.

6) Cut two pieces of elastic; 7 inches in length, each. Attach each end of the elastic to the top and bottom corners of the mask. Attach by sewing. (See photo for example.) If you have questions about these instructions, please call us at 434-993-3600.


Two other suggested patterns can be found HERE and HERE.

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