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Dear Heavenly Father,

Today we praise you for the unity we are seeing among your children. People of all ages and denominations are becoming more outspoken about their love for you and their faith in you. During this time of social distancing, people all over social media are praising you and praying to you, and we thank you for that.
Lord, today we ask for mercy for those who have celebrations planned in the coming days. Weddings, birthday parties, retirement celebrations, and other events take time, money, and resources to put together. Lord, help those who are cancelling their celebrations to rejoice in your love, and please help them to be able to recover from any financial woes brought on by COVID-19.

With current restrictions in place, Lord, we ask that people are able to share each other’s joys in unique and creative ways. We thank you for the technology in place that helps loved ones celebrate special moments together, even when they are apart. Thank you for the love of friends and family.

We pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.

Romans 5:3-4

We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. (Join our Facebook prayer community: Praying through the pandemic)

Remember, when you shop online at .... You still use the same login info as but on this site, you can choose to give a portion your sale money to the charity of your choice. This is a FREE WAY to support the nonprofits your love. Will you switch to and support Gleaning today? ...

Find us on Facebook and join our new online prayer community called Praying through the Pandemic. Join us as we pray, each day, for those affected by COVID-19. #love #prayerchangesthings #covid_19 #gleaningfortheworld ...

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We’ve been able to provide masks to several groups of first responders in Central Virginia... because when you are helping someone with an emergency or health crisis... you are right beside them. There is no social distancing. ...And our local responders have had a shortage of masks in recent days. We are glad to be able to help. You can help too, by donating to our Coronavirus response at #lynchburgva #appomattoxva #coronavirus ...

We’re at Sam’s Club today until 6pm collecting supplies for victims of the Tennessee Tornado. We are collecting nonperishable foods, hygiene items, baby care products, pet supplies, disposable kitchenware, and shelter supplies. Please donate if you are able. Financial donations can also be given at our collection today, online at, or by mailing a check to GFTW, PO Box 645 Concord, VA 24538.
Thank you for supporting this disaster relief mission. #tennesseetornado #disasterrelief #nonprofit #love #give #serve #gleaningfortheworld

#nashvilletornado2020 #disasterrelief #nonprofit #gleaningfortheworld Come on out to Sam’s Club on Wards Road in Lynchburg, VA where we are collecting disaster relief supplies for victims of this week’s devastating tornado. Check our bio for how to donate online. Please donate if you are able. ...

#nashville #prayfornashville #disasterrelief #gleaningfortheworld This Nashville home was left in pieces after Tuesday morning's tornado barreled through four counties. Residents were awoken from their sleep and sought safety in bathrooms, closets, and basements as quickly as possible, with only minutes of warning. Now, their lives are turned upside down. Gleaning For The World (501c3) is collecting relief supplies and financial donations to help the victims of these storms begin again. Will you donate to our effort of bring help and hope to those who have been devastated by this storm? Please give today: click on our bio for where to give online.
Photo Credit: Joel Woodcock

82,000 confirmed cases.
2,800 deaths.
47 Countries.
0 Vaccinations.
...and it's spreading.
Our partners are desperate for masks. We've already sent 1.5 million masks overseas to multiple partners in multiple countries. We're raising funds to continue this effort.
Will you help?
Check out our fundraising page in our bio. Please donate.

These are medical masks being loaded on a shipping container - heading overseas. We’ve already provided over 1.5 million masks to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. We raising funds to continue this effort. Check out the link in our Bio. and please donate if you are able. ...

We just started an online fundraiser to raise funds to send medical masks overseas. 77,000 people have been reported as being infected with the Coronavirus and quarantined. These masks will be given to individuals and families who are not infected... who have been instructed to wear masks if they need to leave their homes.. to help prevent the spreading of this virus. Click on our Bio to find the link to our fundraiser. The goal is $10,000. PS, we’ve already sent thousands of masks to China and Africa. But there’s more to send. Please donate today and help us help those who are scared to leave their homes today. #coronavirus #covid19 #love #givehope #lynchburgva #virginia ...

HELP NEEDED: We've already sent thousands of masks overseas to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus. We have more to send, and we have partners who are ready to receive them, but we need raise the funds to ship these masks.
There are families and individuals who are literally fearful for their lives right now, and these masks play an important role in keeping people safe and healthy from this mega-germ. Check our bio to find our link where learn more or donate.
Please donate today. Your donation will be used specifically for the purpose of sending these critically-needed masks. #coronavirus #coronavirusmask #lynchburgva #giveback #disasterrelief #GleaningForTheWorld #love

Rolls and rolls of fabric means we have plenty of opportunities for volunteers right now! We need help cutting these rolls into smaller sections of fabric. Will you help? Our volunteer schedules are 9-noon and 1:30-3:30 in the afternoons. If you have a group... nighttime volunteer opportunities are also available. Call Greg at 434-993-3600 or email him at #volunteer #gleaningfortheworld #lynchburgva #lynchburgcollege #libertyuniversity #longwooduniversity ...

Come on down to Sam’s Club on Wards Road. We’re right inside the exit door and we’re giving away Valentine’s cookies, chocolates, and bottles of water until 6pm today. Happy Valentine’s Day! #valentines ...

Come out and see us tomorrow at Sam's Club in Lynchburg! We'll be giving out Valentine's Day cookies and chocolates to show our appreciation for all who support Gleaning's efforts throughout the year. Help us Share the Love! Happy Valentine's Day! #nonprofit #sharethelove ...

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