Outreach At Home And Across The World

You are helping to change the world one person at a time!

Outreach At Home And Across The World

This year we have been responding to natural disasters across the United States. However, we have not let our outreach to our local community and across the world slow down. Let us share with you a few of the initiatives we have going on during this week alone!

Feeding Our Neighbors

Our volunteers are packing up 40,000+ pounds of potatoes to place in low income areas of Lynchburg and the surrounding areas. Did you know that nearly 20% of people in this area live in places where it is more difficult to find healthy food options? These families often have to rely on fast food and junk food as a cornerstone of their diet. We place these potatoes in easy-to-access locations in easy-to-carry bags. This will help provide healthy options to hungry families in our area.

Christmas For Needy Children

Every year we work with our international partners to place toys and stuffed animals for Christmas. This week we sent 7,500 toys, games, athletic equipment and stuffed animals to help surprise children in developing countries this Christmas season. As a result of your donations there are thousands of children around the world who will receive a Christmas present.

Stocking Libraries

In partnership with churches across the United States, we have begun a new program. The goal is to place one million books in libraries across Kenya. Less than 2% of schools in Kenya have enough library books for its students. This severely limits the children’s learning opportunities. This week we have taken the first steps towards achieving this goal by bringing in 72,000 books. This is an exciting new partnership that will impact tens of thousands of children for years to come!

Thank you for your generosity and partnership. With your help, we are making a lasting impact on millions of lives each year.
You can donate online now or call 1-877-913-9212 or send a check to Gleaning For The World – PO. Box 645, Concord, VA, 24538.