Partnering In The Congo

Empowering a student to change lives in his home country.

Partnering In The Congo

Here is an update about this exciting project.



After a sixteen year absence, Emmanuel Ntibonara returned to his home country – The Democratic Republic of Congo – and was moved by the level of poverty he witnessed.  Since then, he has been on a mission to help Congolese natives by providing impoverished men, women and children with shoes.  His efforts have gathered some national attention.  Partnering with Gleaning For The World, Emmanuel intends to return this year with 100,000 pairs of shoes.

Watch this brief video on this effort.


Thanks to these unique partnerships, thousands of men, women and children now have good shoes to wear in The Democratic Republic of Congo. But so many more people are still in desperate need.  If you would like to help us further this project, donate today!