RECOVERY: West Virginia

Gleaning For The World is rebuilding communities in West Virginia

RECOVERY: West Virginia

Continuing Relief In WV

In the immediate aftermath of the devastating floods in West Virginia, we provided food and water to families who lost their homes.  We equipped clean-up crews with gloves and cleaning supplies to help remove rubble.  Our efforts have been greatly appreciated by everyone who was impacted by the flooding.  The recovery process has moved into a new phase.

The Rebuilding Has Begun

This is a critical time.  Many of the affected families could not afford flood insurance.  To make matters worse, FEMA has allotted only $33,000 per approved household as the maximum assistance to rebuild.  This is barely enough to clear debris and repair minor damage.  These poor families are facing a monumental challenge.

We are heavily involved in helping these families get assistance.  Many families are having friends and relatives help with repairs and rebuilding.  We are now providing 52 TONS of construction materials to help these families.  This includes lumber, heavy studs for walls, laminate flooring and more.  These are the basic supplies needed to rebuild any home.

In addition, water damage has been so extensive that it has caused aggressive, toxic mold problems.  One of the best way to kill this mold is with lime (a white alkaline substance).  This compound will kill all mold.  We have provided families with 75 TONS of lime to solve their toxic mold problems.
We have been making tremendous headway to address the needs of impacted families.  However, more aid is still needed.  Would you consider a financial gift to help our neighbors rebuild and recover?