Take a moment to read some of things these refugees have faced.

Escaping ISIS

ISIS militants were outside a neighboring town. The fighting had been drawing closer and now the ISIS roaming death squads’ arrival was imminent. When the announcement came that this town was about to be seized, residents only had only 15 minutes to escape. If captured, the men would be beheaded...
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Abrahem Escapes

The photo was from a better time for this family – a hardworking upper-middle class family living in Baghdad. Abrahem, the father, opened his own machine shop and Amira, the mother, was a homemaker raising their daughter. All of that changed in an instant. In the middle of the night,...
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Hadi Family Forced To Escape Alone

Waleed along with his wife and two children (19 and 11 years old) lived in Mousel, Iraq.  ISIS militants entered their city and started to destroy everything in their way. When they came across a Christian house they would take everything they owned ( money, cars…) and sometimes they would...
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Yousef’s Family Nearly Drown

Yousef along with his wife and 4 kids (three sons and one daughter) lived in Qaraqosh. Their story is extremely saddening. ISIS militants were bombing their village and at night they fled to the closest and safest place, Irbil. A date they cannot forget, August 6, 2015, they reached Irbil...
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Jamail’s Family Fled ISIS

Jamail, his wife, two daughters and paralyzed son lived in Mousel, Iraq. Jamail like many other Iraqis fled from their village. Jamail said “ISIS bombed our village and we ran away for our lives to protect our families and our-selves. ISIS soldiers wrote the letter home claiming our homes for...
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