Giving The Chance At Empowerment

Changing Women’s Lives

It warms my heart to know that the dedicated volunteers are Gleaning For The World who create our amazing WINGS kits are able to touch so many lives.  If you do not know about this program, you can read about Our WING Program By Clicking Here.

menstrual kit, These kits literally change lives.  It gives women who lack access to feminine hygiene a chance to live a normal life.  If enjoy sewing, have a group a friends who are looking for a cause to volunteer toward, or just want a chance to help our WINGS program could be a great chance for you to get involved.  Email us at and ask about volunteering to help our WINGS program.   It can be a life changing time for you, while you help a young woman.

Our WINGS program actively empowers thousands of women around the world, changing lives every day.  Some of our partner missionaries recently visited a village called Maghaway, located in the mountainous area of the Philippines, to give local women the hygiene kits we had provided. Word had spread quickly about the impact these kits were having on so many lives, and now women had shown up in hopes of receiving one.  In all, 50 women in this village were given a kit.

Here is what our partner had to say about the experience:

Everyone was so excited to have a WINGS kit.  The last time we had them was two years ago with 30 kits as a starter.  When other ladies knew about it, they asked if we could obtain more.  The 50 kits you provided were truly a blessing to them all!

We thank God for the ministry of WINGS kits!  They provide one of the basic needs of a teenager or woman during their monthly cycle.  Thank you so much for coming up with a program for women.  We hope and pray you will be able to send us more.  This will be a great tool to reach out to women for Christ!

Linda Balugo, Philippine Gospel Assembly