APPOMATTOX: Tornado Relief

Helping Appomattox families get back on their feet during the long-term recovery.

APPOMATTOX: Tornado Relief

I want to thank you for supporting the people of Appomattox County after the tornado in February displaced so many people.

We can report that the immediate needs have been met, every person who has needed housing, food or counseling to deal with the trauma has received support. Every person who has needed legal help has received pro bono legal assistance. To our knowledge, no one has gone without the support to help them return to a livable condition.  We will continue to offer relief supplies to families impacted through local agencies and organizations.  In partnership with Appomattox, we have moved into the long-term recovery phase.


We are in the long-term recovery process as we speak.   We can expect the full recovery will typically take years. Gleaning For The World has established a fund to help families as they rebuild their lives.  The Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC) has established a process to determine how the funds should be allocated to make the most impact, while helping those with the greatest needs.

The LTRC has already identified the needs of several families, and we are working with the committee to provide the needed relief.

As said earlier it will take years for a full recovery. We will do everything possible to support our people and help them return to as normal a life as possible.

If you want to continue your donations you can donate by clicking here.  Every penny will be used to provide help to a families in Appomattox who may not have the resources they need.