What are our partners saying?

The feedback we have been receiving has been incredible!

What Our Partners Are Saying!

The impact our WINGS program makes in women’s lives is undeniable! More than 3,500 women are empowered through our practical kits.  Our partners are raving about how they are able to affect the lives of the women immediately when they distribute our kits.

Take a moment to read the amazing feedback we have received about some of these special kits!

“Thank you so much for the Wings Kits. We went to the mountain village of Maghaway. It was another opportunity to share WINGS Kits with the mothers, single ladies and teenagers. Everyone was so excited to have WINGS kits. The last time we had them was two years ago, with 30 kits as a starter. When the other ladies knew about it, they asked if we can give more. The 50 kits you sent were truly a blessing to the all.

We thank God for the ministry of the WINGS Kit! It provides one of the basic needs of a teenager or woman during their monthly cycle. Thank you so much for coming up with this program for women. We hope and pray you will be able to send us more on a regular basis. This will be a great tool to reach out to other women.”

Linda Balugo

Our Partner In The Philippines

Andrew, it is difficult to overstate the importance of our WINGS program. All it takes to change one girl’s life is just a few minutes of your time and a gift of $15. There is no better time to change a life than RIGHT NOW!