Responding to the California Wildfires


We are responding to the wildfires in California.  Partner with us to bring relief!

2019 California Wildfires

According to the US Forest Service and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, there have been over 6,190 fires reported in 2019. These fires have consumed an estimated 198,392 acres of land thus far and destroyed countless homes, schools, farms, forests, and businesses in the process.

The Kincade Fire, which started near the San Francisco Bay in Sonoma County, CA continues to grow and firefighters are having a difficult time containing the blaze. This fire has spread across three counties, including Mendocino and Lake County, which saw devastating fires just one year ago.

Tens Of Thousands Evacuated

Residents are fleeing a wildfire burning through canyons and neighborhoods north of Los Angeles, while in Northern California there are dire predictions for an historic wind event Sunday and Monday, with wind gusts up to 80 mph. Janet Shamlian reports from Santa Clarita.

The Kincade fire is one of the largest of 6 active fires happening in California right now. As of late October the Kincade fire has burned over 77,000 acres and it is only 45% contained. Updates on the Kincade, Saddle Ridge, Hill, 46, Copper, Easy and other fires in California can be found on the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection website by clicking here. 

These fires are spreading and continue to wreak havoc across the state including communities already affected by the record setting fire seasons during 2017 & 2018. With an increase in projected Santa Ana wind gusts towards the end of October, we don’t expect these fires to go away anytime soon. The aftermath is already catastrophic for thousands of individuals, parents, children, and the elderly evacuated from the path of these fires and local shelters are having difficulty maintaining much needed supplies. We are responding to help those staying in shelters with medical supplies, clothes, blankets, food, and more. Will you help us provide for those needing help in California?