These Kits Are An Incredible Solution

Disposable products are very expensive.  The poorest women are often forced to dig through trash and landfills to find whatever they can.  We have seen women using dirty clothes tied around their hips, soiled rage, corn cobs, newspaper and even bark.  The psychological damage wrought on these young women is tragic.

The advantages of these kits over other options…

  1. They are a sustainable option and will last for three years.
  2. No cultural stigmas about its use.  With other products, the taboos about internal placement are more severe than the taboos of menstruation.
  3. Very little learning curve.  These kits are easy and intuitive to figure out.
  4. Less messy and avoid spills that other products are prone to.
  5. Easily changed and does not require complete undressing for replacement.
  6. Our kits provide more resources in terms of needed supplies.
  7. Approximately half the cost to produce and ship, while being more environmentally friendly to produce.


Each of our standard kits are assembled by our dedicated volunteers, who come in each week to give their time to help women in need around the world.

Each kit includes:

  • Two shields.
  • Eight absorbent, wash and reuse liners.
  • Two pairs of women’s undergarments.
  • Washcloths
  • Anti-bacterial soap
  • Clothes pins
  • Washable cinch bag
  • Airtight, plastic bag.
  • Pictorial instruction sheet


Teaching kits are kits designed to help women learn a job skill.  These kits come with all the components of the standard kits, just un-sewn and disassembled. We are able to send these in mass quantities, along with sewing machines and other equipment, to groups of women in developing countries.

With access to this equipment, not only are they able to build these kits to help themselves and the women in their community, but they are able to learn job skills and start micro-enterprises with the equipment.

This gives the freedom, dignity and empowerment to lift themselves out of poverty.


Establishing micro-enterprises manufacturing Wings kits, in-country, is an important aspect of empowering women in developing nations.  This provides women with a self sustaining business opportunity for women to have employment empowering other women in the community.

We partner with international women’s organizations to connect all the resources needed to help groups of women come together to start their own cottage industries.

We provide sewing machine, surgers, thread, bolts of fabric and more so women are able to create these kits on their own.  They are able to manufacture and sell these kits to women in their home country.  We are giving them the opportunity to take control of their own future.

This is true empowerment.