A Few Things For You To Consider

In Western countries, access is so readily available to these products that it is hard to imagine what life would be like with them.  Here are a few things to consider…


  What if the school rules told your daughter she couldn’t come to school while she is on her period.  She would be forced to miss three months of school each year and could not make up the work.  Would she be able to graduate?


What if, while you were growing up, your father told you that during your period you could not come in the house?  Even worse what if you were told if you did come in, your family would be cursed.


What if pads or tampons cost roughly $100 and menstrual cups cost $500?  Many women around the world have to spend an entire day’s wages just to buy a box of pads.


Each kits bring hope and empowerment for one young woman for three to four years. Please take a moment to see the impact happening around the world.



A true story of how this kit changed a young woman’s life.

Across the world, girls are coming into adulthood at a younger age.  By the age of eight, nearly 50% of girls in developing nations will have started puberty.  As was the case with a young girl we encountered in Nicaragua.

Her family was extremely poor.  The pads and tampons cost more than what her family makes in an entire day.  With no other options, her family makes her makeshift underwear out of a flexible bark using the stringy, fibrous underside to be absorbent.

The bark is tied tight, and the rough sides cut into her skin.  She was embarrassed to go out in public because the thickness of the bark was visible through her clothing.

While meeting with families in the area, our partner met this young woman.  With her she had one of the Wings kits from Gleaning For The World. When she explained how it was used and she would not have to use bark again because these kits last for three years, tears welled up in this young girl’s eyes.  She knew that she would not have to endue the public humiliation and private shame again.

The women and girls have no access to any feminine hygiene products and the girls have to stay home from school [during their monthly cycle]. They’re currently using rags, cardboard and banana leaves. I know that the older women who will be glad to have them, but it means the younger women can go to school. The education they will receive will truly make a difference for these young girls. With no exaggeration, for this group of girls, it can possibly break the cycle of poverty in their generation.

Bev Gibson, Partner in Nicaragua

Anita Gooding - On How These Kits Change Lives

Success Stories

I had a man come for the training and was there for his wife because she is a street sweeper and could not be there.   We talked for a while and he was so excited about the kit.   The more I talked to him I asked him why he came because most men would not.  He said because he wanted to help his wife and also because it was hard enough to put food on the table and he knew the price of the disposable products and they would never be able to afford those.   He said, “This will truly bless my family.”

The most touching story was the woman who had heard about the Wings kits and was concerned that she would need to pay for them.  She was very poor and had very little.  She could not afford to buy disposable products.  She was amazed and overjoyed and broke down in tears when she discovered that the Wings kit were a gift to her.

Our hosts held a women’s health clinic because we were coming with these kits.  It was going to be the easiest way to get women to come for help.  While we were there handing out kits and doing general physicals, we were able to to detect breast cancer in one woman.  They were able to get her in to start treatment.  So not only are these kits helping women overcome the oppression in their society but it may have helped us save a woman’s life.