Empowering women through support and education.

WINGS focuses on bringing women’s needs and equality to the forefront.  Many women across the world face disadvantages and do not have the freedom to make decisions in their own life.  WINGS exists to bring hope and provide dignity, empowerment, and freedom to these women.

Making a sustainable difference.

Because of cultural based discrimination such as stigmas, taboos, and misinformed traditions in developing nations, women are being excluded from the workforce.  Right now, only 50% of women around the world are able to work.  This issue stems from a lack of proper education, where nearly 62 million young girls are not allowed in school.  In many instances, if a woman was not educated as a girl in school, she must rely heavily on others to survive because she lacks the skills necessary to take care of herself or earn an income. Through the distribution of sanitary, sustainable feminine hygiene products, WINGS helps adolescent girls. With WINGS, girls are equipped to attend school during their monthly cycles, which, in turn, affords them the opportunity to receive the same education as male classmates.

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We manufacture wash-and-reuse feminine hygiene kits.

This incredible solution eliminates the need to use ineffective and often risky makeshift options.


Disposable feminine hygiene products are often not affordable for women in developing countries. For example, in Rwanda, a month’s supply of pads costs roughly $2; however, in rural parts of the country, many women earn less than $1 a day.  A woman would have to sacrifice more than two days’ wages (typically doing hard labor) just to buy pads. Our WINGS kits are given to women and menstruating girls as gifts, and a well-cared for WINGS Kit can be used for three years!

Our WINGS Kits are an incredible solution.

WINGS feminine hygiene products are an environmentally friendly, sustainable option because they are built to last three to four years.

WINGS Kits are easy and intuitive to figure out, and there are no cultural stigmas about its use or taboos about internal placement.

WINGS pads have a high absorbency, which lessens the chance of messes or embarrassing stains.

Along with receiving WINGS Kits, women and girls are educated about their bodies and the importance of proper hygiene.

Standard WINGS Kits

Each of our standard kits are assembled by our dedicated volunteers, who come in each week to give their time to help women in need around the world.

Each kit includes:

  • Two shields
  • Eight absorbent, wash-and-reuse liners
  • Two pairs of undergarments
  • Washcloths
  • Anti-bacterial soap
  • Clothes pins
  • Washable cinch bag
  • Airtight, plastic bag
  • Pictorial instruction sheet

Teaching Kits

Teaching Kits are designed to help women learn a job skill.  These kits come with all the components of the standard kits, just un-sewn and disassembled.  We are able to send these in mass quantities, along with sewing machines and other equipment, to groups of women in developing countries.

With access to this equipment, not only are they able to build these kits to help themselves, and the women in their communities, but they are able to learn job skills and start micro-enterprises with the equipment.

This gives the freedom, dignity, and empowerment to lift themselves out of poverty.


Establishing micro-enterprises manufacturing WINGS Kits, in-country, is an important aspect of empowering women in developing nations.  This provides women with a self-sustaining business opportunity for women to have employment empowering other women in the community.

We partner with international women’s organizations to connect all the resources needed to help groups of women come together to start their own cottage industries.  We also provides sewing machines, surgers, thread, bolts of fabric, and more so they are able to manufacture and sell these kits on their own.

“We thank God for the ministry of the WINGS Kit to provide one of the basic needs of a teenager or woman during their monthly cycle. Thank you so much for coming up with this program for women. We hope and pray you will be able to send us more on regular basis. This will be a great tool to reach out to other women.”

Linda Baluga

Partner in the Philippines

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